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Jason Tate 06/07/12 12:41 PM

Radiohead Soundcheck "Full Stop"
Radiohead have been soundchecking a new song called "Full Stop" live. It's in the replies if you're curious.

Jason Tate 06/07/12 12:41 PM

blimpcityhero11 06/07/12 01:37 PM

Just saw them last night and it was amazing. Definitely recommend that everyone check out this tour.

RXBandit34 06/07/12 01:59 PM

lol nice recordings.

Rysker6 06/07/12 02:13 PM

Fred Armisen

briantalife 06/07/12 02:20 PM

this is the equivalent of a blurry picture of sasquatch...thanks tate ;-)

projectmayhem16 06/07/12 02:27 PM

From what I can hear, it sounds promising.

Baines on Toast 06/07/12 03:12 PM

Not sure if I'm being led on or not here.

jeffersin 06/07/12 05:16 PM

I was there for the Cincinnati stop. The whole show was fucking incredible.

AFSjulian 06/07/12 06:51 PM

Saw them at Blossom in Cuyahoga Falls last night and it was the best I've ever seen them (granted, it's only been three times). They played a lot of new songs, actually, but the final encore concluded with "Exit Music (For A Film)" followed by "Paranoid Android". I wish I could just quit life and go to all their shows.

brook183 06/07/12 10:48 PM

Must see this band before I die. Or before they die.

arguabli 06/08/12 10:07 AM

Radiohead > most other bands.