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Adam Pfleider 06/09/12 09:36 PM

Staff Recommendations: June 10, 2012
Keep Calm and Carry On (My Wayward Son).
Adam PfleiderKanye West's "Mercy" has got me swerving all week. Grizzly Bear's "Sleeping Ute" has got my anticipation heightened even more for their new album. Also found out what punk really means a decade later.
Alex DiVincenzoFour words: Jersey Shore Shark Attack.
Ryan GardnerJohn Mayer's Battle Studies, Misser, The Horrible Crowes, and The Tower and the Fool
Jake DenningLike it or not, The Gunz Show broadcasts every Wednesday and Sunday night, 6pm PST/9pm EST on Idobi Radio. He plays a lot of All Time Low, The Maine, The Summer Set and The Wonder Years. I have a lot of fun listening to his random shenanigans, so check him out. You can listen on your iPhone/Android too with the official Idobi app. BALLIN!
BlakeRiver City Extension for folky summer tunes. Wolves At The Gate for sing/scream summer tunes. Punchline for 37 Everywhere.

ChristianLast night I had the chance to see and catch up with some old friends in Gates, Athletics, and Nick Madore of The Years Gone By. Support great music and more than that, great people.

Adam Pfleider 06/09/12 09:38 PM

Jaytothesyg 06/09/12 09:39 PM

njsuccessstory 06/09/12 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Adam Pfleider



Brandi Carlile - Bear Creek

The Gaslight Anthem - "45"

Mochem 06/09/12 09:57 PM

InfiniteArms 06/09/12 09:59 PM

Empires - Garage Hymns

Rush - Clockwork Angels

agl 06/09/12 09:59 PM

That's word.

Guitarfreak182 06/09/12 10:44 PM

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind
Brand New - Deja Entendu
Jimmy Eat World - Futures
All Time Low - Nothing Personal
Alkaline Trio - Goddamint

And see Prometheus. Holy crap. I know alot of people are divided on this film, but i freakin loved it, personally.

MattDennis 06/09/12 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by Adam Pfleider (Post 109160372)

Yes! After Daniel Rossen's solo EP this year I was already hyped up enough for the full group's work. Easily my most anticipated record of 2012.

dash64 06/09/12 11:13 PM

Desire- II

2:54- 2:54

Hawthorne Heights- Hope

Jukebox The Ghost- Safe Travels

Cold Cave- Cherish The Light Years

Dustin Harkins 06/09/12 11:13 PM


brook183 06/09/12 11:18 PM

I'm a little late, but this:

EndlessPrisoner 06/09/12 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by dash64 (Post 109163872)
Desire- II

2:54- 2:54

Hawthorne Heights- Hope

Jukebox The Ghost- Safe Travels

Cold Cave- Cherish The Light Years

Jukebox and 2:54, yes.

The Gunz Show 06/09/12 11:27 PM

well my firefox just crashed after trying to load all these images

but i'll still be playing "like a movie" by midtown cuz it's awesome
- Gunz

truthbetoldxx 06/09/12 11:33 PM

Japandroids - Celebration Rock
Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow
so far this weekend