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Thomas Nassiff 06/16/12 12:47 AM

Relient K Studio Update #2
Head to the replies to check out Relient K's second update from the studio.

Submitted by june182

Thomas Nassiff 06/16/12 12:47 AM

guitarguy211 06/16/12 01:05 AM

I really want this album now.

danperez 06/16/12 01:57 AM

thiessen's a wildman

SpyKi 06/16/12 03:58 AM

I could use some new Relient K in my life.

Allstarme23 06/16/12 05:34 AM

This is all I want

creativemind 06/16/12 06:15 AM

Most anticipated record of the year

indiesuperman 06/16/12 06:29 AM

So stoked for this album! So stoked to see that Aaron Sprinkle makes coffee with a Clever coffee dripper and a Hario V60 Buono kettle! I'm sure the quality of the coffee will come through in the quality of the album.

cholly 06/16/12 06:37 AM

you allow one member to grow facial hair, and this is what happens...

also, I am consistently amazed that these studio sessions actually produce records.

Spencer Control 06/16/12 06:54 AM

"Maybe some dubsteps... and apps..."

Cracked me up. I'm so excited for this record. It's going to be genius.

tmathews 06/16/12 07:11 AM

so pumped for relient k tunes

sweetfootaction 06/16/12 10:40 AM

Easily most anticipated.

XLT917 06/16/12 11:01 AM

Easily my most anticipated album. And wow Thiessen, that beard.

Penguin 06/16/12 11:12 AM

These guys are great. That was an awesome coffee pot, too.

SkywayTraffic 06/16/12 11:44 AM

Love it when professional musicians talk about how "stressful" their "work week" is.

Just fuckin love it.