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Thomas Nassiff 06/21/12 03:47 PM

Kevin Devine Performs Bad Books Song
Kevin Devine performed a new Bad Books song called "Petite Mort," and you can watch it in the replies.

Thomas Nassiff 06/21/12 03:47 PM

himynameisjohn3 06/21/12 04:03 PM

sounds like the next record is going to be a lot better.

phaynes1 06/21/12 04:17 PM

Can't wait. Most anticipated record. This and "Pytor" sound fantastic.

Jeff_Ryan 06/21/12 04:38 PM

I like this one more

irthesteve 06/21/12 04:40 PM

KevDev/BadBooks/CoeurdePirate are all great, no need to fight them against each other

jonwangcb 06/21/12 04:46 PM

We should also talk about how brilliant this song is:

Boywithacoin 06/21/12 05:37 PM

Pytor sounds like a song from RA, GC! from the brother's perspective. So good.

loudasallgetout 06/21/12 07:08 PM

I really hope they sing together on more songs this time. I didn't like how it was almost like a bunch of manchester/kdev bsides

waltz_alone 06/22/12 05:26 AM

i enjoyed the last album, but for me these kind of records don't ever seem like whole entity. kevin's songs are kevin songs & andy's songs are andy's. it feels like they are just each other's backing band.

SuNDaYSTaR 06/22/12 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 109686892)

I like this one more

Wait, she has songs that clock in at more than three minutes?

harryCane 06/23/12 01:16 AM

You all do know that that is French for "orgasm", right?