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Alex DiVincenzo 06/27/12 06:06 AM

Elevate: I Am Break Up
Elevate: I Am have broken up. Vocalist/guitarist John Martinez and guitarist Brett Glazier are starting a new band together.
StatementHey there everyone! We havent been on in a while because we are no longer together. We wanted to get back together and release another album but it just isnt in the cards anymore (life is a bit to hectic right now). John Martinez and I (Brett G.) are going to assemble a new band though and could use everyones help to find musicians that would be willing to be a part of something awesome. The new stuff will be heavy and melodic. The band will be fronted by John, and I will continue to play my guitar. If anyone is interested or knows someone who may be, feel free to contact us on here or our personal pages. please share, and Thank You!

iseejosh 06/27/12 06:08 AM

Shitty, their debut was pretty amazing.I wonder what Joe is going to do now?

Coverbydesign 06/27/12 06:11 AM

Is this turning into dudes leaving and bands breaking up season -_-

t00latef0rr0ses 06/27/12 07:24 AM

first album was pretty solid. wanted more, but i wont get more. disappointing.

njiata603 06/27/12 07:30 AM

I liked the debut a lot, and Steve Evetts is the man, but still worst band name ever.

canvasofwinter 06/27/12 07:46 AM

This is super shitty. I loved Ghost Eclipse.

Mattylikesfilms 06/27/12 08:09 AM

I was more bummed out about how ASL broke up after waiting for 4 years to follow up Rattlesnake!

I did like about half of Ghost Eclipse however.

B.Leibo 06/27/12 08:15 AM

That didn't last long.

NateFoundGlory 06/27/12 08:37 AM

Literally just got done listening to Ghost Eclipse Sessions earlier today. Solid album. This sucks.

The fuck, Joe needs something stable.

richrad 06/27/12 09:57 AM

Rattlesnake was so fucking good.

theHECKLER 06/27/12 11:06 AM

Random thought...For some reason, their band name reminds me of In:aviate.

sickydicky 06/27/12 05:33 PM

Damn how is the scene gonna survive without these guys

Raistlin 06/27/12 05:43 PM

So I guess this means They Arent.

terrorishfrank 06/27/12 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by theHECKLER (Post 109933362)
Random thought...For some reason, their band name reminds me of In:aviate.

I thought that too, I guess it's just because not too many bands have a colon in their name.