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Alex DiVincenzo 06/27/12 11:34 AM

Happy Birthday, Jono!
Today is The Swellers drummer Jonathan Diener's 24th birthday. Let him know how much you love him in the replies.

PirateSkater182 06/27/12 11:38 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONO! I'll be spinning the new 7 and Good for Me today in excitment for the new EP. Take a bunch of shots of wheatgrass and herbal teas, or whatever you hippies do.

waybackhome 06/27/12 12:20 PM

Hi Jono, It's dad. Remember the time you shared cookies with us at the table at your old place? Gosh that was fun.

esposimi 06/27/12 02:00 PM

It's Rob Chianelli's birthday too.

happy Birthday Jono!

kaylasananjou 06/27/12 02:01 PM

Happy birthday Jono! eat all the chocolate cake in the world.

John Collins 06/27/12 02:58 PM

h b d00d.

suicidalmoose 06/27/12 03:41 PM

happy birthday jonathan dinner!

MikeM1423 06/27/12 04:01 PM

Happy Birthday! Glad i was able to see you guys twice last tour! have fun recording!!

WhoSaidThat? 06/27/12 07:14 PM

Happy birthday, Jon. You da man.

Penguin 06/27/12 08:02 PM

Happy birthday! He seems like a great guy.

knash9 06/27/12 09:47 PM

Happy birthday. You are a good man.