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Thomas Nassiff 06/29/12 09:22 AM

fun. "Some Nights" Performance on Jimmy Fallon
fun. performed "Some Nights" on Jimmy Fallon and you can watch the video in the replies.

Thomas Nassiff 06/29/12 09:23 AM

werealldudes19 06/29/12 09:33 AM

this is real good.
stoked to see them beginning of August

DecemberFaded 06/29/12 09:35 AM

Rad to see how into it everyone is--especially Jimmy at his desk.

Bad part? The jackass girl waving every time the camera is on her.

NateFoundGlory 06/29/12 09:37 AM

Awwwwwww yeah!

NateFoundGlory 06/29/12 09:39 AM

I see Nate is still doing his LL Cool J lick lip.

SuNDaYSTaR 06/29/12 09:44 AM


teh_erica 06/29/12 09:45 AM

So good.

smowashere 06/29/12 09:47 AM

I really like Nate's change for the "come on"s. Best song on a great album!

Jaytothesyg 06/29/12 09:51 AM

Ugh, So mad I missed them earlier in the month. This song is so good. 100x better then We Are Young

Acad08 06/29/12 09:52 AM

Wow, just incredible!!! My favorite song from the album, and they give such a good performance.

get up kidd 06/29/12 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by NateFoundGlory (Post 110039942)
I see Nate is still doing his LL Cool J lick lip.

Just noticed this, laughing so hard. Hahaha

Sean.Murphy 06/29/12 09:59 AM

fuck yeah. this band is amazing live.

jordalsh 06/29/12 10:01 AM

wow, I fell like I was just watching them make their TV debut on Conan. They were so nervous then, and now they look so confident. This band is so deserving of their success.

simplejack 06/29/12 10:02 AM

incredible performance. one of the best songs of 2012.