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Drew Beringer 07/04/12 08:26 AM

Happy Birthday, America
Beers, burgers, brats, and fireworks. However you're celebrating the Fourth of July today, we at AbsolutePunk wish you a fun and safe holiday with all your loved ones. Rock, flag, and eagle.

Alex DiVincenzo 07/04/12 08:28 AM

incognitojones 07/04/12 08:41 AM

Jake Denning 07/04/12 08:49 AM

Dustin Harkins 07/04/12 09:05 AM

Hey Eda what are you doing for Independ...oh.

Dustin Harkins 07/04/12 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 110229532)


blimpcityhero11 07/04/12 09:12 AM


Spencer Control 07/04/12 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 110229532)

I want this, bahaha.

Happy Fourth, everyone! Even those who don't live in America. You guys get a fourth of July as well.

TerrancePryor 07/04/12 09:24 AM

NYC for the firework spectacular. Katy Perry will be there. I will propose to her on live TV. Yup.

Tyler Dumont 07/04/12 09:29 AM

Rock, flag, and eagle indeed.

mackieinva 07/04/12 09:42 AM

ghelms88 07/04/12 09:49 AM

incognitojones 07/04/12 09:51 AM

So proud :')

deFobbed14yrs 07/04/12 09:51 AM



FaceLixeMurder 07/04/12 09:58 AM

America, fuck yeah!