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InfiniteArms 07/09/12 05:30 AM

Underwater Tiger - Where Miles Become Meaning
Underwater Tiger -Where Miles Become Meaning
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: March 27, 2012

When something doesn't go your way, do you change your proposition or do you walk away? I suppose that's what Underwater Tiger has to address here. This album is just OK. Rough around the edges and the vocal power fades in and out on each song. It's unusual that I'd dislike a band likened to Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday, but in this rare occasion, I feel this band is stuck in a hole they need to dig themselves out of.

The album opens with the title track of the album. It starts off alright and then it sort of fades into vocals but not quite. Vocals are forced into the song right from the beginning. I guess the main thing about this album is the lyrical content, theyíre meaningful and well written, but the execution of the album is poorly done and the vocalist sounds like he might strain a vocal cord towards the end of the song. If you canít do a big finish, then donít. My advice, keep it simple.

Sometimes when you go back to basics, wonders can happen.

These New York rockers definitely have a future, to address the question I posted at the beginning, they just need to change their proposition. Walking away after one full length would be silly. Acceptance? Are you reading this?

There is one song I like. It definitely endorses the fact that going back to basics helps. The song is track 5 on the record, still rather rough around the record but ďRocky Loves EmilyĒ is rather catchy, simple and one the best executed songs on the album. A big stand out on the album.

Iím sure this band has a lot more to offer and Iím actually looking forward to hearing more, even after what Iíd call one of my more negative reviews. But hey, I know a lot of people who think the albumís fantastic, so I guess I picked it up at the wrong time, it wasn't what I expected, I don't know, but something I didn't like definitely caught me off guard.

The closer "The Summer Came" is the song that got me most of all. It finished, and I was wondering why the rest album wasn't released with this much urgency, and best of all, the production and execution issues were all gone. It suited Nate's vocals fantastically and it was just a really good closer that made me think twice when doing this review. Another stand out, hell, best song on the whole album.

After all that negativity, there is definitely a good fan base behind the band and I love that, I mean, bar the comments about execution and production, they have great energy behind their songs and a good sound is definitely developing. I hope the band can take this review and turn it into something that blows me away. I want to be able to eat my words about the band ("They're ok. Nothing special") when the next album comes around. Underwater Tiger, That! Is that your challenge.

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