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Keagan Ilvonen 07/16/12 02:37 PM

Stream The Gaslight Anthem's New Album
You can stream The Gaslight Anthem's new record, Handwritten on NPR. What do you think? Does it live up to the hype? Be sure to check out Thomas's review of the album as well.

emerson1892 07/16/12 02:39 PM

Boner Time!

moronindisguise 07/16/12 02:39 PM

My day has been made!

brook183 07/16/12 02:39 PM


JayDanielHammer 07/16/12 02:39 PM

MALKiiN 07/16/12 02:40 PM


Whalejaw 07/16/12 02:41 PM

No album can live up to Nassiff hype.

This is fantastic though.

TGinTexas 07/16/12 02:41 PM

I know what I'm doing for the next hour

AP_Punk 07/16/12 02:41 PM

giving me multiple eargasms

JayDanielHammer 07/16/12 02:42 PM

I have been waiting so long, will be listening constantly for the next 3 hours

Ryan Dennehy 07/16/12 02:43 PM

ap is going to crash

Craig Ismaili 07/16/12 02:45 PM

Why the fuck am I at work till 10:30

AestheticLYRIC 07/16/12 02:47 PM

I Have Never Been So Excited About Anything.

harsh reality 07/16/12 02:47 PM

As per usual with this website, overhyped to the 10th degree

But solid nonethless

CollectiveConfusion 07/16/12 02:49 PM

Love it so far.