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randys950 07/28/12 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by brianforster (Post 111048062)
ive only given it one listen through but i loved it. does anyone else think the vocals need to be turned up? i can hardly hear them on the first track, gets a little better from there. but man this album would be a 10 with better production, and i hate saying that because i don't know shit about producing a record.

its not too difficult to turn vocals up. any personal computer with the audio tracks could turn this into a masterpiece given the right mixing program.

I saw this band open up for Hawthorne heights I believe. couldn't get into them

DemBitties 08/07/12 09:04 AM

This band is going to blow up in due time. The Wonder Years have, The Story So Far is on the brink, and Forever Came Calling without a doubt has the tools to become the next in line.

cut!print 09/16/12 03:58 AM

Great review Thomas, I love this record. A lot more than I thought I would.
At first, how short it was bothered me, but I realized it was only because I didn't want it to be over every time the album ended. They did a great job creating fulfilled songs in such a short amount of time. Not many Pop-Punk bands out today could do that IMO.
But yeah, it's definitely going on my 2012 best of list.

bobby runs 06/25/13 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff;
While bringing nothing new to the table in terms of creativity, Contender is a better execution of this style than any record in at least a couple of years; and with the way this genre works, you canít ask for more than that.

This is exactly how I view this album. If it had been released when NFG were huge in the mainstream this band would have been looked at as generic but now people can appreciate them for nailing a certain sound down.