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TDenverFan 07/22/12 07:25 PM

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Record Label: Capitol
Release Date: July 22nd, 2003

What member of AP hasn't listened to this album while riding down a highway, singing their hearts out to the Chorus of ''Ocean Avenue?'' I'm sure there are a few, but they'd be in the minority on this Yellowcard loving site. I'm sure most members know the tale, unheard of punk band from Florida switches around their sound to little fanfare, (With a few EPs and an Album, One For the Kids) then explodes onto the scene with Ocean Avenue. I noticed no one had written a review for the certified platinum album yet, and for it's 9th year anniversary (It's July 22nd, 2012 as I'm writing this) I figured I'd write a review.

The album kicks off with one of my favorites, "Way Away." It's a high-energy track that is my favorite opener off any album ever (Fans of Yellowcard's "The Takedown" will surely disagree, but I'll take "Way Away's" fast pace rock beats over "The Takedown" any day). The album follows up with my favorite song of all time, "Breathing." Every time I hear the opening guitar riff, I get pumped up. I have never heard another song with the same combination of energy, guitar riffs, and catchy choruses that "Breathing" has. "Ocean Avenue," the title track, is up next. This is by far the album's biggest hit, and it's easy to see why. It's the perfect song for summer, and a great song overall. Unfortunately, the album falls into a bit of a lull, and none of the next few songs stand out at all. Not to say any of the songs sound similar, ("Empty Apartment" and "Life of a Salseman," the next two songs, couldn't be more different) but none of the next few songs stuck out in my mind at all. Except, of course, for one special song. Any of you who know the track order on Ocean Avenue are probably wondering how I could skip this song. I didn't. "Only One" is a song that, in my opinion, is Yellowcard's most emotional song. Lyrics like 'Here I go/Scream my lungs out/To try to get to you' are some of the band's deepest. One other song that stands out is "Believe." A song about the 9/11 disaster, it contains a very nice violin part from Sean Mackin, and it has a very touching meaning behind it.

Overall, despite a few filler tracks (None of which are bad, but they're nothing special) this is one of the greatest CDs of all time. Great lyrics, great guitar riffs, great violins. It's Yellowcard. It's Ocean Avenue. It's great.


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BeTheYoung3 07/28/12 02:05 PM

Good review. Although, Back Home NEEDS to be mentioned. It's an incredible. View From Heaven is phenomenal too, so emotional. Life of a Salesman is so sick with its fast paced lyrics and guitars. One year, Six months is an amazing slow song as well. Twenty three is great with Mackin as the lead. If anything, Inside Out and Miles Apart are fillers, but nonetheless better than most songs I've ever heard. Like you said, one of the greatest of all time.

Kixur413 07/29/12 12:54 AM

I second Back Home, definitely one of the top tracks from Ocean Avenue AND Yellowcard. Great review none the less

TDenverFan 07/29/12 07:47 PM

Member rating 50%?

Searos 08/04/12 09:02 PM

how is empty apartment and life of a salesman sounding the same to you. Not only are both awesome songs and Life of a Salesman one of the best songs on the album but the songs sound nothing alike. Life of a salesman is a faster song and Empty Apartment is a lot more slow to mid tempo. I have loved this album for years and while I agree with the score I honestly don't think this review does the album justice. Its good but to give the album a 94 and call some of the best songs filler is crazy. Despite its popularity, I think Ocean Avenue is actually the worst song on the album and still great.

TDenverFan 08/05/12 08:26 AM

I said neither song stood out, not that they sounded similar. I said that the two songs couldn't be more different.

And to each to his own, but I think those 2 songs are probably the bottom two in the album.

(l,k) 08/05/12 07:14 PM

i like this album but you cant have a decent amount of so-so tracks on such a short CD like this and be able to justify it being one of the best of all time lol

TDenverFan 08/05/12 07:21 PM

Maybe it's nostalgia. This was probably one of the first albums I've ever heard.

Plus, the good tracks are phenomenal. Breathing is my all-time favorite song.

ChrisD2011 08/06/12 02:19 PM

This is one of those albums you can just listen to all the way through. Good review. Great hard working band.

Stephin_DC 08/10/12 12:19 PM

This review reads like its been done by a 10 year old .... are you 10?