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Keagan Ilvonen 07/23/12 02:50 PM

Our Last Night Premiere New Song
Stream Our Last Night's new title track "Age of Ignorance" here.

Submitted by Vince Early & Cpt. Geech

Vince Early 07/23/12 02:51 PM

Lacks the bite of any of their previous releases. Not a fan.

snoboardnfreek 07/23/12 03:33 PM


xsinkshipsx 07/23/12 03:47 PM

that was terrible!!

Sheluligans 07/23/12 03:51 PM

Not bad. It's cool to hear they're trying something different.

InExile 07/23/12 04:10 PM

Dumb lyrics.

BringdowN 07/23/12 04:10 PM

I personally like their newly adopted sound, if you like their old style better go listen to those albums. I love the lyrics on this track!

musicfan9795 07/23/12 04:23 PM

I think it's pretty good. I have a feeling that this will get some sort of radio play (aka exposure).

pepster50 07/23/12 04:34 PM

mehh... it wasn't bad per se; but not sure if im all that enthused by the direction they are taking

VoliminalX 07/23/12 04:58 PM

That was pretty bad.

sta7ic 07/23/12 05:32 PM

Been a fan of them a long time. I liked Liberate Me, but am not feeling this song at all. No intensity, no energy.

I also hate political songs in general.

WeltallAY 07/23/12 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Vince Early (Post 110954922)
Lacks the bite of any of their previous releases. Not a fan.

How I felt about the last new song they released. Pretty underwhelming.

CastlesXClouds 07/23/12 07:42 PM

i dont like that artwork. at all.

Miketheunicycle 07/23/12 08:27 PM

yeah the artwork is extremely weak
i enjoyed this song for what it was... i could nitpick the structuring, but its their music, not mine.
hoping the new album brings some heat.

Steve Alcala 07/23/12 09:10 PM

Damn. Guess I'm the only one who likes this.