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Adam Pfleider 07/25/12 11:37 AM

This Town Needs Guns' US Pressing of Animals
This Town Needs Guns' Animals is available again on vinyl via Sargent House here.

JimmyAveningo 07/25/12 11:42 AM

love this band, can't wait to hear the next record

PirateSkater182 07/25/12 12:37 PM


HouseofJay 07/25/12 02:13 PM

I have been waiting for this for months. This band is so good, and so underrated. The new CD with the new singer is going to be sick

XErikxthexRedX 07/25/12 05:08 PM

sadly it's the european track listing...but stoked for this nonetheless.

DevinRosni 07/25/12 06:34 PM

This is my new favorite band. They're a huge influence on my guitar playing.

astaticskyline 07/26/12 05:02 AM

Love this band, but I wish they'd release something new already. It's been quite a while.

Nectar56 07/26/12 01:03 PM

Do want. Damn the steam summer sale for taking all of my money.

TyBreaker 07/26/12 07:30 PM

I love the guitar work in this band. Animals is awesome and I hope for something new released from the group soon.