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Ryan Gardner 07/26/12 09:25 AM

Pinsky - Weekends EP
PinskyWeekends EP
Record Label: Sinking Ship Records
Release Date: July 24, 2012

If you had told me last year that Pinsky would be calling it quits before releasing another full length, I’d have thought you were crazy. This time last year, Losing Touch came out of left field for me, and hit me right in the jaw. The musicianship exercised through the three vocalists – yes, three – made the record glisten with promise. Pinsky were potentially set to be one of the “next big things” in the pop-punk scene.

However, life happens and things change, making Pinsky decide to call it quits. Still, the guys were kind enough to record some final songs with Brian McTernan, making Weekends their final goodbye. In a word, the EP is bittersweet. It’s sad to know that Pinksy is done, but it leaves a smile on your face knowing that they went out with a bang – their best three songs to date.

Igniting with the same fire of Losing Touch, “On The Radio” packs quite a punch. The emotion felt within writing the lyrics drenches the listener as Peter Vachon sings, “I’d even write you / That poppy song / Like one you’d hear / On the radio / If I thought it’d make a difference at all.” The emotion really hits when vocalists Jeffrey Roberts and Mike Graton join in following these lines and trade off vocal parts, making the song all the more heartbreaking (“I miss the thought of you and I / Back at home / Together and alone / Reminders of what matters most”). There’s a sense of empathy here that can’t be faked. We’ve all felt this – the pain of distance, change, and the pain of memories we wish we could return to.

It’s the sense of impression throughout these three songs that really conveys how much promise Pinsky has. The one-liners riddled throughout the lyrics really hit hard. On “Gravity,” the music suddenly cuts out, making the line “Success to me / Is going home and sleeping / Underneath clean sheets” have the entire spotlight. The song builds into the chanting of “Take what your heart wants / Take what your heart needs” and the buildup also jerks you back into your seat. The song composition allows Pinsky to say exactly what they want to say, and more importantly, to force you to hear it. The aforementioned sudden change in tempo takes control of your ears, making sure you hear the words with no distractions – literally.

And then comes the biggest surprise – an acoustic song, “Passed Youth.” During this song, I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with a sense of melancholy. I guess it’s the distance guitar plucking, or maybe it’s the ring of the words “I spent a long time keeping this alive” that makes you realize that this is the end of Pinsky.

In a scene where music is growing by the day, it’s so easy to find new bands to hear. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch bands you fall in love with call it quits. Pinsky was a band I was amped to watch grow, and it’s sad to watch them go, but that’s life I suppose. Life happens, people change, times change. The great thing about music is that it’s always there. You can always press play later. No band is ever really gone, and these three songs will surely keep Pinsky in my headphones for months to come.


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Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. On The Radio
2. Gravity
3. Passed Youth

Pinsky are:
Peter Vachon – Vocals, Guitar
Jeffrey Roberts – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Graton – Bass, Vocals
Andre Tranchemontagne – Drums


SmallFrailBoy 07/26/12 10:39 AM

"On the Radio"

Buy on iTunes.

flks511 07/26/12 12:05 PM

Pinsky? Of the Pinsky File?

justbradley 07/26/12 05:25 PM

I've never heard of this band, but I'm totally going to buy this, because this sounds like something I would love. Sucks they're already broke up, though. That's good for me, though, because I can take my time getting into them.

GiantSRH 07/26/12 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by SmallFrailBoy (Post 111081132)

I'll snatch it off Itunes if i must, but is it available for purchase DRM-free somewhere?

GiantSRH 07/26/12 07:27 PM

Oh and the two songs were everything i could've asked for in this EP.

SmallFrailBoy 07/30/12 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by GiantSRH (Post 111104062)
I'll snatch it off Itunes if i must, but is it available for purchase DRM-free somewhere?

iTunes is DRM free now. They have been for at least 2, maybe 3 years! But, yeah, you can definitely snag it here!