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Keagan Ilvonen 07/28/12 10:23 AM

Bloc Party Release "Day Four"
Jump to the replies to listen to a new Bloc Party track entitled "Day Four."

Submitted by Debut_Fin

Keagan Ilvonen 07/28/12 10:24 AM


mumumumidnight 07/28/12 10:29 AM

Digging this one a lot actually.

drudo182 07/28/12 10:33 AM

Oh, man. So happy to hear another song!

_veges_ 07/28/12 10:41 AM

This sounds fantastic

dash64 07/28/12 10:57 AM

Yet another great song. Love this band.

NoRefuge 07/28/12 11:44 AM

I loved this after one listen, and Octopus has grown on me, looking forward to the album a lot more now!

grimis16 07/28/12 11:51 AM

pretty damn good

11:11 07/28/12 12:02 PM

Loving this a lot.

weworemasks 07/28/12 12:31 PM

holy shit. this song is amazing. cannot wait for this record.

whiterussian 07/28/12 12:56 PM

This is very good.

_><_ 07/28/12 12:57 PM

Better than the other one they released.

schmohawk 07/28/12 01:25 PM

This is really good.

Merve 07/28/12 02:31 PM

I'm digging this a lot more than "Octopus." Nice work, Bloc Party.

Graham311 07/28/12 02:32 PM

This is fantastic. Very A Weekend in the City-esque