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Keagan Ilvonen 07/28/12 11:10 AM

Living With Lions Singer To Leave Band Again
Living With Lions will play their last show with original singer Matt Postal (who rejoined the band back in April) on August 2nd.

Submitted by Mario57

PirateSkater182 07/28/12 11:16 AM

I can't keep up with these guys and their singers.

AnthonyBTT 07/28/12 11:17 AM

Leaving with lions

Jay Evan 07/28/12 11:22 AM

Holy Shit

TerrancePryor 07/28/12 11:38 AM

Jeez. They should just build a robot and program it to sing for them.

Jaytothesyg 07/28/12 11:43 AM

Bummer, Stu shouldn't have left

quickandsilver 07/28/12 11:57 AM

What the fuck is going on!?

koryoreo 07/28/12 12:02 PM

Shitty. Hopefully they can find a good replacement again.

Avalanche1 07/28/12 12:02 PM

Hmm, interesting.

MXP 07/28/12 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Jay Evan (Post 111144012)
Holy Shit

Nice, I see what you did there

belleplaineave 07/28/12 12:37 PM

He was never back for good to begin with. He was filling in for the warped dates and that your with Daytrader and major league. I talked to him at the Chicago date. Loved hearing all the old songs

JohnnyBombSquad 07/28/12 12:47 PM

These guys are wild. So good.

LessThanKaitlin 07/28/12 01:29 PM

I hope Stu comes back but that's probably unlikely since he was the reason they needed Matt to come back anyways.

Oh well, still love these guys.

LexXchaos 07/28/12 03:38 PM

Hopefully they'll be able to find another singer with an extremely similar voice. Either way, as long as they don't call it quits I'm happy enough.

david Johnston 07/28/12 05:03 PM

why did stu leave?