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Keagan Ilvonen 08/02/12 07:32 AM

Happy Birthday Cameron
Today is Cameron Hurley's (We Are The In Crowd) birthday. Be sure to wish him a good one in the replies.

Kris_Gontz9 08/02/12 07:58 AM

Happy Birthday dude :) Hope you have a great time today.

HeyItsAllyssa 08/02/12 09:58 AM

Happy Birthday!! Try to not be too hungover today judging by those tweets/instagram posts haha :)

clifforrrd 08/02/12 10:34 AM

A Run For Your Money was a pretty good band.

WhatsUpMovement 08/02/12 10:40 AM

And you know we never back down from our fights.

JohnSR 08/02/12 12:15 PM

Tell him I'm coming and hells coming with me

WhoSaidThat? 08/02/12 01:24 PM


_thisisme* 08/02/12 02:45 PM

Happy birthday man! Hope ya have a good one

MikeyJam 08/02/12 11:15 PM

his twitter made me laugh my ass off

Kowther 08/03/12 03:17 AM

Happy birthday Cam!