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Jason Tate 08/02/12 02:27 PM

The Used Live EP on Rdio
The Used have released an exclusive live EP on Rdio.

MJB12 08/02/12 02:39 PM

I wish they were playing Hands & Faces live but after hearing that, it's clear why they're not.

Moosic 08/02/12 04:59 PM

not too shabby!

Journey408 08/02/12 06:30 PM

hate that they never put Buried Myself Alive on any of their live releases. one of their best songs\singles

Amongster 08/03/12 12:30 AM

On Rdio? Over every other digital platform, why?

TurnMyPhonesUp 08/05/12 10:30 AM

At what point do they start feeling guilty for taking their fans money and putting on such an awful live sound? My heart hurts for Bert, you can totally tell he's lost his voice...but the studio smoke and mirrors help mask it. Either bring the bells and whistles with you or stop being so reliant on it.