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Keagan Ilvonen 08/06/12 09:30 AM

Elliott Smith Would Have Been 43 Today
Today would have been Elliott Smith's 43rd birthday. Take a moment today to remember one of the best songwriters to grace this planet.

Submitted by ppt4895

DemBitties 08/06/12 09:34 AM

What a fantastic artist. One of the all time greats for sure. RIP.

Holly HoX! 08/06/12 09:34 AM


Lueda Alia 08/06/12 09:54 AM

I was just about to make a news post about this.

And way to misspell his name. :smackhim:

NoGaypnkNamLikU 08/06/12 09:55 AM

Can we get an unreleased song as a birthday gift?

NoGaypnkNamLikU 08/06/12 09:55 AM

Can we add another T to his name, please?

WhoSaidThat? 08/06/12 09:56 AM

Happy birthday, Elliott.

DeathOrGlory 08/06/12 10:07 AM

He'll always be one of my favorites. Happy Birthday Elliott.

mattjritter 08/06/12 10:08 AM

Happy birthday, Elliott. Always been one of my favorites as well.

Cpt. Geech 08/06/12 10:32 AM

Happy Birthday. Definitely a huge inspiration to me.

letdownagain 08/06/12 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by NoGaypnkNamLikU (Post 111484412)
Can we get an unreleased song as a birthday gift?

His indie label, Kill Rock Stars is supposed to release some. A few days ago they released "Alameda (Alternate Version)" which is a different mix with some alternate instrument arrangements and alternate lyrics. If you sign up for their newsletter, they'll e-mail you an alternate mix of "Needle in the Hay" with trumpets and double tracked vocals. It might actually be cool to add that to the news article.


Ohaidere 08/06/12 11:31 AM

His music has helped me through a lot of troubled times. I don't know how I would cope without his music.

Fame<Infamy 08/06/12 11:35 AM

:-( RIP, Elliott.

therookielot 08/06/12 12:31 PM


dicktony 08/06/12 02:02 PM

Few artist's work has touched me the way Elliott's. Gone far too sone. R.I.P