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Ryan Gardner 08/07/12 08:15 AM

Fastest Finger Contest: Namesake
Update: We have a winner!

In honor of Namesake's debut record, Borders & Fences, being released today, we've teamed up for a giveaway. The first person to reply to this thread will get a signed poster and a t-shirt (seen in the replies).

Ryan Gardner 08/07/12 08:15 AM

Oopz 08/07/12 08:18 AM


Ryan Gardner 08/07/12 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Oopz (Post 111530342)

Woo winner!

PM me

Anthony Sorendino 08/07/12 08:27 AM

Just in case they don't want it :)

oscaristhebest0 08/07/12 08:35 AM

Totally saw them live last night. Congrats on winning

blue_light_888 08/11/12 09:14 AM

this is the best pop-rock album I've heard this year. review coming next week :)