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Joe DeAndrea 08/07/12 12:29 PM

Paradise Fears Cover Gym Class Heroes' "The Fighter"
Paradise Fears' cover of Gym Class Heroes' "The Fighter" can be seen in the replies. All proceeds from the song when it goes up for sale will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network.

Joe DeAndrea 08/07/12 12:29 PM

formated4tv 08/07/12 12:52 PM

It's so cute and dorky/fun that it's hard to hate on.

tyler2tall147 08/07/12 01:08 PM

These guys are blowing up. I remember seeing them outside of the ATL/Yellowcard tour. Fast foward and they played Warped Tour, then they played a show at my college, opened for ATL, and a ton of girls I graduated with are obsesssed with them. They are getting insane numbers on youtube too.

oscaristhebest0 08/07/12 01:40 PM

Love these guys!

readyfredi 08/08/12 06:17 AM

I am very impressed with this. I am going to keep my eye on this band because not many things can get me weepy at 6AM.