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Jack Appleby 08/22/12 12:06 PM

New Pebaluna Song
Stream a new Pebaluna (ex-Rx Bandits) song called "Sister Sara" here.

Jack Appleby 08/22/12 12:07 PM

This needs to be pressed. I'd play this record regularly in the evenings. Very excited to see them again Friday.

irthesteve 08/22/12 12:12 PM

I hope they have this album at their shows, I'mma grab it Friday if soon

thesollopsist 08/22/12 05:09 PM

Looking forward to this album.

WhatJulianSaid 08/22/12 09:56 PM

I might be wrong but is that other woman in the promo shot Matt's mom? O_o Digging this.

jdr277 08/23/12 07:36 AM

This release is slowly rising on my Most Anticipated list. When I first heard about this project I expected something completely different (I'm sure I'm not alone) but this girls voice is beautiful and I'm excited to hear what the full album will sound like. Miss the Rx-Bandits but this isn't really replacing them since it's a completely different monster (Probably one of the cute ones from Monsters Inc.) This is really good accessible music.

stuffsux00 08/23/12 08:01 AM

the chick is hot.