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Drew Beringer 08/23/12 01:52 PM

POZ Presents: Further Seems Forever Interview
PropertyOfZack recently sat down with Chris Carrabba (Further Seems Forever & Dashboard Confessional) and discussed how the upcoming FSF record came to be, the future of FSF, and more.
From The InterviewI donít really know how to answer that. Iím not really sure. We have dates planned around the record release, and weíre planning a lengthier tour as well. Iím aware that Iím the only guy who can say yes to anyway we want to do it. I canít be the one to answer that. I think itís likely that weíll do a lot of touring on this record since they havenít toured in years, and they love it. I could see us touring a lot on this record, but I donít know. Iím wondering the same thing myself. I think itís a lot though. I think they really want to and are going to be able to find a way to.

absolution 08/23/12 01:59 PM


jasonisasleep 08/23/12 02:07 PM

good interview

Zack Zarrillo 08/23/12 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by jasonisasleep (Post 112185042)
good interview


atticusfinch 08/23/12 02:18 PM

That's an odd quote to use.

Rysker6 08/23/12 02:19 PM

Love this guy

SuNDaYSTaR 08/23/12 02:35 PM

Great interview. Also, the world needs more bands like this one.

SuNDaYSTaR 08/23/12 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by absolution (Post 112184772)

wait........what, what?

jasonisasleep 08/23/12 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by zack-182 (Post 112185282)

absolutely, so excited about this record. The Moon Is Down is one of my top albums of all time

sjb2k1 08/23/12 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by atticusfinch (Post 112185512)
That's an odd quote to use.

if it had the question as context it wouldn't be so awkward haha
The album comes out in October, and we know you’ll be touring, but will you be truly supporting this record for the future? Or do the remaining members of the band have other priorities?

Khouse89 08/23/12 04:04 PM

yeah FSF

Br&New182 08/23/12 05:19 PM

bummer he basically lost all of an album. that's gotta be hard on anyone

guitarguy211 08/23/12 06:22 PM

Looking forward to seeing these guys play soon--I want to hear Snowbirds and Townies live. Good that they're back!

bite2brkskn12 08/23/12 07:50 PM

Random but i can't believe Chris is almost 40. that blows my mind. Just seeing his picture and what looks like grey hair reminded me

taketotheriv 08/23/12 09:53 PM

the 3rd FSF record is a billion times better then the moon is down. Its amazing.