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Adam Pfleider 08/28/12 01:53 PM

Peace'd Out Pre-orders
Pre-orders for Peace'd Out's debut 10" can be found here.

Punkdc 08/28/12 03:25 PM

I love that vinyl. Could care less about the music (not my cup of tea) but I want to support everyone involved in this project.

Jack Appleby 08/28/12 05:24 PM

A tad expensive for a 10", but I'm gonna grab it.

Also, can we get a Peace'd Out, Silver Snakes tour?

Mochem 08/28/12 05:25 PM

VERY nice looking, but I don't think I want to spend $20 on it. Possibly later since it doesn't seem to be selling incredibly fast anyway.

msulliv7 08/28/12 08:33 PM

Peace'd Out and Mongol Horde tour.

skibby15 08/28/12 10:00 PM

might have to save up for this

The_Effort 08/29/12 12:06 AM

Can't decide if I wanna pick this up or not.