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Keagan Ilvonen 08/29/12 09:32 PM

Limbeck To Play Shows?
It looks like Limbeck might be playing some shows on the west coast this Winter.

i like apples 08/29/12 09:36 PM

I'll go wherever this is. I'll open up credit cards if I have to.

Keagan Ilvonen 08/29/12 09:37 PM

East coast plz.

Trevor Sostarich 08/29/12 09:45 PM

Just be a full time active band again!

SilverThings 08/29/12 10:42 PM

Well, fuck yea.

pleasedontpanic 08/29/12 11:21 PM

Man if they played the Tractor Tavern in Seattle I would lose it.

irthesteve 08/29/12 11:34 PM

Not a chance I will miss this. Way excited.

CavanaughPark 08/29/12 11:39 PM

I believe a mini roadtrip is in order.

abusedcat 08/30/12 12:29 AM

I'm there.

thechrisformat 08/30/12 04:33 AM


constant 08/30/12 05:04 AM

Totally into this

jrtbighurt 08/30/12 05:34 AM

:thumbup: :overhead:

chokeychicken 08/30/12 06:45 AM

this is awesome.

singregardless 08/30/12 06:53 AM

if they're going to exclude the east coast, they could at least throw out the bandcamp b-sides thing they've floated on their website.

popdisaster00 08/30/12 06:59 AM

Come on up to MN!