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Keagan Ilvonen 09/03/12 06:14 PM

Happy Birthday Andrew and Jordan
Today is Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin) and Jordan Dreyer's (La Dispute) birthday. Be sure to leave them kind words in the replies.

Submitted by Siren & chrislauren

blimpcityhero11 09/03/12 06:15 PM

I don't know why, but I'm shocked that Andrew is only 30. Happy birthday!

bigt151 09/03/12 06:35 PM

Happy birthday Andrew! Looking forward to your next project! Enjoy no. 30!

hiddentrack 09/03/12 06:37 PM

happy birthday!

WhoSaidThat? 09/03/12 06:46 PM

And Charlie Sheen!

No really, happy birthday to Jordan and Andrew.

cut!print 09/03/12 07:02 PM

Happy birthday Andrew, you've been my inspiration as a musician since I was 13 years old and always will be.

fourletterword 09/03/12 07:25 PM

Happy Birthday.

theotheryabs 09/03/12 07:35 PM

that's an awesome combination

Spencer Control 09/03/12 07:40 PM

Eyyyooo! Happy buthday, gents.

zephyrsong12345 09/03/12 07:41 PM

happy birthday to both! massively talented dudes.

drewbaldy 09/03/12 07:42 PM

Happy birthday Andrew.

The Glass Passenger saved my life in what was the aftermath of cancer.

Fame<Infamy 09/03/12 08:04 PM

If You C Jordan...

Happy birthday lads!

kismet 09/03/12 08:18 PM

Happy birthday to both!

bobsheiskawy 09/03/12 08:36 PM

finally got my copy of wildlife in the mail today. seems appropriate.

don't jake from mayday parade and beyonce have their birthdays today as well?

MCSmate 09/03/12 08:57 PM

Happy birthday Andrew. I'm excited to hear what music you make next.