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Drew Beringer 09/07/12 04:22 PM

More Underoath Vinyl Options
You can pre-order Underoath's Changing of Times and They're Only Chasing Safety on a transparent gold variant out of 700 (each).

brandonisstupid 09/07/12 04:26 PM

7 bucks for shipping and handling? Are you kidding me?

Hail Lelouch 09/07/12 04:29 PM

Damn I hope these re-pressings imply a possible repress of Define or Separation at some point

ranchymanchez 09/07/12 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Hail Lelouch (Post 112738622)
Damn I hope these re-pressings imply a possible repress of Define or Separation at some point


Drew Beringer 09/07/12 04:57 PM

I own Separation and Disambiguation on vinyl, will wait for the Hot Topic variant of this, hope this means DTGL is next. I would imagine so.

bobsheiskawy 09/07/12 05:05 PM

ordered tocs with an in love and death picture disc and anchor & braille's felt. that is going to be one fantastic package.

honkytonk 09/07/12 05:08 PM

Definitely thinkin about getting TOCS, that album was my jammm!

Mikeyp1407 09/07/12 05:17 PM

Just ordered They're Only Chasing Safety on vinyl. Such a big record from my high school days. Going up on the wall!

SexyJeff 09/07/12 05:29 PM

Just bought the deluxe package with both albums, a shirt and limited edition 12". Pre-ordered TCOT yesterday but I think I'm gonna cancel that one because this was a way better deal.

Nateisgame 09/07/12 07:09 PM

Wonder what's on the limited 12"

stonecoldfox 09/07/12 07:53 PM

I'm excited to finally own TOCS, even though it's pretty terrible, but I'm even more excited to think that this could potentially me a DTGL repress.

OdeToTheSun 09/07/12 09:07 PM

Ordered the TOCS vinyl. I should've ordered the one on ShopRadioCast yesterday when they still had it, but I'm stupid.

nick_smizzle 09/07/12 09:47 PM

i own an original press of TOCS and it sounds amazing so i hope these sound good too

Symphonicaxiom 09/08/12 12:46 AM

The soundtrack of my '04. Love the gold.

Mibabalou 09/08/12 06:43 AM

I wonder whats on the 12...