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Adam Pfleider 09/09/12 12:05 AM

Staff Recommendations: September 9th, 2012
"Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact." - Homer Simpson
Adam PfleiderChelsea Wolfe's Ἀποκάλυψις; Cloud Nothings' Attack on Memory; Innards' I've Lost Everything (stream here)
Drew BeringerI am really into the new Casket Lottery album Real Fear.
Alex DiVincenzoI've been rocking a lot of Chiodos since I filmed their set.
Kyle HuntingtonYoung Colossus - Young Colossus, Cat Power - Sun and Celebrity Masterchef UK, just because I'm a sucker for that show.
Deborah RemusCheck out the new Propagandhi record if you still haven't yet.
Craig ManningRobert Francis'Strangers in the First Place, Matchbox Twenty'sNorth, Michael McDermott's Hit Me Back, Stars'The North, Bob Dylan's Tempest, or any of the albums on my 2010 retrospective
Keagan IlvonenKanye West, From Indian Lakes and Adam Carolla's Podcast
BlakeToto's IV and The Seventh One, and also most every Kool and the Gang song. I welcome you, kindly, to get on my level.
Kelly DohertyArrows In Her's leaving., Okkervil River's The Stage Names, Andrew Bird's Break It Yourself and Doctor Who... lots of it.

Laughatstuff 09/09/12 12:22 AM

InfiniteArms 09/09/12 01:10 AM

RIYL: Brand New / La Dispute / mewithoutYou / Modest Mouse / Nada Surf

Their debut EP "build/rebuild" drops September 28th and the EP is just fantastic.

handlikesecret 09/09/12 01:38 AM

check out Cam Boucher's (Old Gray) new project. it's purty.

Jeff_Ryan 09/09/12 05:29 AM

kazuma_ootaro28 09/09/12 06:01 AM

I keep forgetting The Casket Lottery has new stuff coming out. Better listen to the new songs now.

As for this week:

AttackandRescue 09/09/12 06:24 AM

Baroness + Yellow & Green might be one of my favorite albums of the year. Also trying out Joey Badges' Rejex and Big Sean's Detroit mixtapes.

KidASquared 09/09/12 06:25 AM

jordalsh 09/09/12 06:34 AM

Further Seems Forever's new song and Daytrader's Twelve Years

daftpunker45 09/09/12 07:13 AM

Mae - The Everglow
Take That - Progress/Progressed
The Graduate - Anhedonia
Go On
Stand Up to Cancer

MADSTA 09/09/12 07:15 AM

The new Abandoned Pools.

COREhorizon 09/09/12 09:03 AM

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
The Strokes

gr33ndayfr3ak 09/09/12 09:04 AM

New Stars and band of Horses have been dominating my ears. The St. Vincent & David Byrne album is pretty great as well.

StepsInADance 09/09/12 09:22 AM

nowFace 09/09/12 09:51 AM

Far- Listening Game
Radiohead-Kid A (first time listening to it beginning to end yesterday while playing Counter Strike....wow)

and Boardwalk Empire season two is filling my BB void rather well for now.