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Ryan Gardner 09/09/12 07:30 AM

September 9, 2012 (Week Prior)
Crushed Out - Want to Give (release date: 11/06/12)
Indie / Garage / R'n'R from Brooklyn (RIYL: early White Stripes, The Ravonettes, Bo Diddly)

Tell Romeo I Hate Him - Saturdays Finest (release date: October 6th, 2012)
Alternative / Pop from Nashville, TN (RIYL: All Time Low, Mayday Parade, You Me At Six, Paramore)

Against the Grain - Motor City Speed Rock (release date: May 4, 2012)
Speed-Rock from Michigan

Shannon Lee - Revived (release date: 4th September)
Pop / Rock from Melbourne-Australia (RIYL: Simple Plan, All Time Low)

Wires - Shadows (release date: March 2012)
Post-Hardcore from UK (RIYL: Thrice, The Dear Hunter, Death Cab For Cutie, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead)

Barren Womb - On the Origin of Fces (release date: 14 September, 2012)
Noise Punk from Norway (RIYL: Converge, Lightning Bolt, Like Rats From A Sinking Ship, The Spectacle)

A Past Unknown - Vainglory (Release date: 10/9/12)
Melodic Metalcore from Cedar Falls, Iowa

Trigger Effect - Escape From Planet Scorpion (release date: June 2012)
Punk / Metal from Quebec, Canada (RIYL: Burning Love, Doom Riders, Unsane, Hour of the Wolf)

Starlight Envy - Summer Goals (Release Date - 10/08/12)
Alternative Rock / Pop Punk from St. Petersburg, Florida

Columbus - Heart Beat in Half Time (release date: August 2012)
Melodic Punk from Australia (RIYL: Polar Bear Club, Living With Lions, Descendents, Crucial Dudes)

The Gravity Guild - I (release date - 8-15-12)
Alt Metal from CA (RIYL: Soundgarden, Sevendust, Alice in Chains, Tool)

Gage - Nurture the Monster (release date: October 1st)
Alt / Hip-Hop from Baltimore / Philadelphia

Till I Fall - Solutions, Not Answers (release date: March 13, 2012)
Alternative / Pop-Rock from California (RIYL: Boxcar Racer and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

Remi Kolawole - Regular People Shit (release date: 11th of January 2012)
Alternative / Hip Hop from Melbourne, Australia

All It's Worth - These Things Take Time (release date: 2nd September 2012)
Pop Punk from Ireland (RIYL: New Found Glory, The Story So Far, Me Vs Hero)

The YuYa - A Boy, A Queen & A Fish (release date - 24 September 2012)
Indie Folk from UK (RIYL: Mumford & Son, Beck, Gogol Bordello)

The Retrospectives - Room With No View (Release Date - September 7th)
Indie Rock from Sheffield, UK (RIYL - Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks)

F.L.O.W.(Freedom Lies Only Within) - SoulFULL (release date: July 24th)
Hip-Hop from Queens, NY

Paper Ceilings - Paper Ceilings (Release Date: 8/11/2012)
Folk-Punk from Columbia, MO (RIYL: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Paul Baribeau, Plan-It-X)

The Shidiots - Smells Like Shit, Sinkers & Floaters, and All Coked Up (release dates: June 2011, June 2012, Dec 2011)
Punk from Omaha, NE

Instead of Sleeping - The Reds, The Blacks, The Grays (Digital Release: 9/21/12; Official Release: 9/28/12)
Indie Rock from Pittsburgh, PA (RIYL: Minus the Bear, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, The Dear Hunter)

Viva - Rhinestones And Rust (release date: October 9, 2012)
Rock from NY (RIYL: Joan Jett and Little Richard)

The White Oranges - Steamboats are for the Romantic (release date: July 21st , 2012)
Indie Rock from Michigan

IsRain - Trees Never Sleep (Release date: 20 July 2012)
Alt / Rock from Italy

Nephrons - Nephrons (release date: 05/14/2011)
Rock from Illinois

Project Mars - Don't Hold Back (release date - October 2, 2012)
Hard Anthem Rock from Ottawa, ON, Canada (RIYL: Queens of The Stone Age, Shinedown, Hinder, The Damned Things, Alice In Chains, Theory of A Deadman)

Abiotic - Symbiosis (release date 10/22)
Metal from FL (RIYL: Dying Fetus, Pig Destroyer)

Nettlecarrier - Nettlecarrier (release date: 9/25)
Satanic Black Metal from Norway

Psychobuildings - Hearts (Remixes) (release date: September 4, 2012)
Darkwave from New York (RIYL: Talking Heads, The Clash, Kraftwerk)

Ten Kens - Namesake (release date: September 4, 2012)
Prog-Rock / Synthrock / Sludge from Toronto

Aeges - Southern Comfort b/w Stars (release date: 10/16/12)
Rock from CA (RIYL: Quicksand, Handsome, Failure, Hum)

Aged Teen - This Is Not An Exit (release date: May 2012)
Alternative Rock / Grunge from Italy

Trash Monroe - Addiction Of Duplicities, part 1 (release date - 12th November)
Rock from UK (RIYL: Him, Tool)

Valentino is Dead - Misadventures in Punk Rock (Release date: 14th September 2012)
Alternative / Punk Rock from Ireland (RIYL: Rancid, The Clash, Foo Fighters)

The Artillery - Lighthouse (release date: August 24th 2012)
Alternative Rock from Texas

Invisible Things - Home IS the Sun (release date: Sept. 18)
Experimental Rock from Chicago, IL / London (RIYL: Hella, U.S. Maple)

Infaux - Regret:Zero (release date: 08/18/2012)
Electronic Rock from SD (RIYL: The Faint, NIN)

Embers in Ashes - Outsiders (release date: 8.28.12)
Progressive Rock from Alabama (RIYL: Sent By Ravens, Killswitch Engage)

Heroes - The Compassion (release date: September 14th, 2012)
Melodic Hardcore from New York (RIYL: The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, For The Fallen Dreams)

The Foreign Resort - Scattered & Buried (release date: 9-25-2012)
Alternative from Copenhagen, Denmark (RIYL: The Cure, Joy Division, A Place To Bury Strangers)

Blackburner - Planet Earth Attack (release date: Sept 25)
Dubstep / Glitch / EDM from CA

Descend To Rise - Milestones (release date: October 1st 2012)
Melodic Hardcore / Screamo from Germany (RIYL: Underoath, August Burns Red, Thrice, Norma Jean)

The Broderick - Free to Rot, Free of Sin (release date: July 10th/2012)
Dark Hardcore from Melbourne, Australia

Chicago Stone Lightning Band - Chicago Stone Lightning Band (release date: 9/18/2012)
http://chicagostonelightningband.bandcamp. com/
Blues / Punk from IL (RIYL: Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac, the Black Keys, Groundhogs, The Who, Buddy Guy)

We Are The Ocean - Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow (Release Date: 9/18)
Alternative Rock from London, UK (RIYL: As I Lay Dying, McFly, Fireworks)

Subsonics - In The Black Spot (release date: October 16, 2012)
Garage Rock from Georgia (RIYL: Velvet Underground, Cheater Slicks)

The Rippers - Better The Devil You Know (release date: October 2, 2012)
Garage Punk from Sardinia (RIYL: Rolling Stones, Pretty Things, The Makers)

Haverford - Wisdom Lost (release date: 9/2/2012)
Emo / Indie from New York

Ebola Cereal - Mapping The Unknown (release date: April 2012)
Alternative from Poland

Dischord - The Wakes (release date: 3/8/12)
Hardcore Punk from Blackpool, England (RIYL: AFI, Gallows, Anti-Flag, Dead Kennedys)

We Are The Physics - Your Friend, The Atom (release date: 22nd October 2012)
Punk from UK (RIYL: Devo, Cardiacs, The Hives)

4 CiTieS - 4 CiTieS (release date: September 5th, 2012)
Alternative / Psychedelic Indie / Pop-Rock from London, UK (RIYL: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Porcupine Tree, Lenny Kravitz, Depeche Mode, L. A. Spinetta, MUTEMATH, Led Zeppelin, The Shins, Metronomy, IAMX, Neil Young, Gotye, The Black Keys, Sade, Peter Murphy, Level 42, Moby, The Kills, M83, Foster the People)

Ambassador Gun - Golden Eagle (release date: 10/22)
Grind / Crust / Punk / Metal from Minnesota

Ma Jolie - ...Compared to Giants (release date: April 2012)
Punk / Rock from Philadelphia, PA (RIYL: Samiam, Iron Chic, The Loved Ones)

Narratives - Hell Is Here (release date - August 3rd, 2012)
Hardcore / Punk / Thrash from Charlotte, NC

Sinthesis - Horseshoes & Handgrenades (release date: 9/14/12)
Hip-Hop / Blues / Rock from SLC/MPLS

Tyler Boone - Changing Pace (release date: October 9)
Rock / Blues / Singer-Songwriter from South Carolina (RIYL: John Mayer, Damien Rice, Howie Day, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton)

Honky - 421 (release date: Oct 9)
Stoner Rock / Hard Rock from Austin, TX (RIYL: Clutch, Red Fang, QOTSA)

Vinca Minor - Capital of Sorrow (release date: 11/06/2012)
Cinematic Avant-Pop from Washington (RIYL: Eluvium, The Album Leaf, Brian Eno)

Gold Daggers - The Savior, Whatever (release date: 9/1/12)
Punk / Indie / Shred from CA (RIYL: Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Refused, Lightning Bolt, Saccarhine Trust)

Likes Lions - First The Head, Later The Tale (Release date: September 10th 2012)
Math-Rock from United Kingdom

Ryan Gardner 09/09/12 07:32 AM

PM Linda Ferreira if you would be interested in writing a user review for any of these.

If you would like to be included in this listing for next week, email reviews@absolutepunk.net.

Archael 09/10/12 04:53 PM

holy fuck Sinthesis is amazing, new ATOY damn wow

SouthsideDevil 09/10/12 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by Archael (Post 112833752)
holy fuck Sinthesis is amazing, new ATOY damn wow

I couldn't agree more. Well said senior.
Someone review that Sinthesis album - It's bananas.

Archael 09/10/12 10:29 PM

I would but I can't review hip hop albums, don't got enough knowledge under my belt.

SouthsideDevil 09/15/12 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by Archael (Post 112848862)
I would but I can't review hip hop albums, don't got enough knowledge under my belt.

Nike that business.
Just do it.

I'm loving it - So raw sounding. Someone review it!

Archael 09/15/12 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by SouthsideDevil (Post 113034192)
Nike that business.
Just do it.

I'm loving it - So raw sounding. Someone review it!

I've listened to it like 4 times (which is A LOT more than I usually give albums). Maybe eventually I'll give a review a go.

It is amazing. I see my rating between 8/10 to 9/10.