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Drew Beringer 09/10/12 06:58 PM

Stream New Hostage Calm Song
You can stream a new Hostage Calm song "May Love Prevail" here. It's off of the band's upcoming album Please Remain Calm (one of the best albums I have heard this year), which you can pre-order here.

brandon_260 09/10/12 07:12 PM

The improvement from these songs to their last album is astounding.

wall e 09/10/12 07:19 PM


Stephin_DC 09/10/12 07:29 PM

I really want to like these guys and its frustrating as the songs show promise but for the most part I find their songs are missing that little cutting edge and hook that would make them great. Will still check out the record though

xBranx 09/10/12 07:49 PM

Great stuff. Can't wait for the record.

gr33ndayfr3ak 09/10/12 08:41 PM

This isn't really doing anything for me. Maybe it needs a few more listens, but it just sounds a little sloppy to me. And I loved the first record.

falafelmywaffle 09/10/12 08:53 PM

I agree with some of yall, its not hitting me as much as their old stuff.

Archael 09/10/12 09:04 PM

fuck yes, band rules

circletheworld 09/10/12 09:18 PM

...just wish this band sounded good live

Jaytothesyg 09/10/12 09:38 PM

Love these new songs, can't wait for this record

xBranx 09/10/12 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by circletheworld (Post 112847142)
...just wish this band sounded good live

I'm pretty sure they recorded the instrumentals live.

wall e 09/11/12 06:48 AM


PetitnaindesĪles 09/11/12 07:31 AM

hmmm once again this sounds really different so i'm not sure how i feel about it yet

DCART 09/11/12 12:19 PM


Castle Builders 09/11/12 07:54 PM

I loved Hostage Calm when they were playing more of a melodic hardcore style but I've remained on board with them for every new direction they've taken their sound. I can't say that for a lot of bands when they experiment with a new style.