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Gregory Robson 09/12/12 08:05 AM

Tayler Buono - Tayler Buono EP
Tayler Buono - Tayler Buono EP
Record Label: I.P.O Records
Release Date: December 31, 2011

So there's thing singer from Orlando, FL named Tayler Buono who was a contestant on the Joe Jonas singing competition The Next. Though she failed to make it as a finalist, she is gaining a substantial career as a YouTube artist. Her debut self-titled EP is a delicate study in intimate acoustic pop and toes the line somewhere between Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat. Buono's EP opens with "I'll Never Know," a doe-eyed look at life and all its quandaries. Her simplicity in her delivery and her message recalls Swift, but the song's honeyed arrangement is where the Caillat references seem relevant.

"Only You," opens with a mandolin and a breezy, easy sentiment that makes the song immediately accessible. Ostensibly the song is about a girl trying to find her place in the world and looking to God for answers. Whether this marks Buono as a Christian artist is up to marketing executives and radio folk but if a girl can't question her faith without scrutiny, then what is this world to coming to? The acoustic version of "I Like," channels the sounds of Tristan Prettyman and Schuyler Fisk and though it may be simple, gooey and saccharine, there's something harmless and pretty easy about the entire thing.

"Beautiful Cross," is another quasi-Chrisitan offering in which Buono's voice once again channels Swift and digs for something solacing and assuaging. Buono is blessed with honeyed vocals that are easy to digest and even easier to get behind. The EP ends with a full band version of "I Like," and as one might expect it is a lot stronger than the acoustic version and much like "I'lll Never Know," backs her vocals with a solid framework.

Being that the entire disc was written by Buono when she was 16 and was produced by a family friend, there's reason to think that her next effort will be even better than this EP. But even with this self-titled EP under her belt, Buono seems well on her way to a career on the radio charts, be it the Christian market or elsewhere. Like any beginning musician she's released an EP and is just starting to get her feet wet. And that simple fact is what makes this disc so compelling. Some debuts are never this promising, but there's a world of potential on this effort.

Recommended if You Like Taylor Swift, Tristan Prettyman, Colbie Caillat, Schuyler Fisk

Find Her Here http://www.taylerbuono.com