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Jason Tate 09/12/12 08:55 AM

Perma To Release New Song Today
Perma (Max Bemis and Sherri DuPree) will be releasing a free song today.

Update: It's here.

somebodylovedme 09/12/12 09:00 AM

Eat, Sleep, F**k, and Duet - in four words thats me!

thesinkingship 09/12/12 09:18 AM


irthesteve 09/12/12 09:20 AM


mike'smannequin 09/12/12 09:30 AM

sweet. really excited for this

Joey-Wan Kenobi 09/12/12 10:15 AM

I still wish that Ben & Zooey would have done something like this. ugh.

This is a cute (for lack of a more masculine word) song.

zephyrsong12345 09/12/12 12:52 PM

Not a fan.

PetitnaindesĪles 09/12/12 12:53 PM

i think her voice doesn't fit the song at all

syntax omitted 09/12/12 01:33 PM

The verses are pretty bad, but I like the chorus.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/12/12 01:53 PM

This is lovely

InfiniteArms 09/12/12 03:28 PM

I can tell it will be a grower but on first listen it doesn't impress me much

Journey408 09/12/12 07:17 PM

oh that girl from Eisley?

isntnikione 09/13/12 06:57 AM

Both talented people, however, their voices REALLY don't mesh well in my opinion.

Nadene7x 09/14/12 10:19 AM

....bleh. I guess my expectations were higher then the outcome.