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Ryan Gardner 09/12/12 10:16 AM

Come Wind - Grow My Roots EP
Come WindGrow My Roots EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: September 11, 2012

It wouldn’t be outlandish to compare Come Wind to The Graduate or even Ivoryline. Something about Nick Sayre’s vocal style just resonates with you throughout their second EP, Grow My Roots.

In fact, the opening “Hesitation” is the prime example of what creates immediate likeability of Come Wind. Matt McClellan (who recently worked with O’Brother) attests to be the ideal producer here, as the timidly inviting guitars add depth to Sayre’s chilling croon, “Come and take me home / The son you’ve never known / I’ll make my heart grow / With these black seeds I’ve sown.” These lush and luring melodies are why we fell in love with and terribly miss The Graduate.

Enticing guitars and equally tempting vocals give “Rend Your Heart” the bite it needs. The wails of “He wants to be proud” are chilling when paired with counterpart of discordant guitar chords. It’s when the vocals are at their breaking point that the musicianship truly prevails – Sayre’s desperation comes across due to his near-manic wails contrasting with the relaxed drum taps.

Clearly, Come Wind take bold steps throughout the EP, even incorporating two six-minute tracks into the mix: “Pockets” and “Steady.” The former has a brooding atmospheric vibe, beginning not entirely unlike maybe a Bad Books number. That is, until the final minute becomes a highlight of the EP. Escalating vocals (wails of oh-oh-oh’s) over pounding drums give the track the huge feel it needs – Come Wind clearly know how to build a song into a climax.

For just a six song EP, Grow My Roots already reveals the versatility of Come Wind. The guys are clearly gutsy and conscious of how to achieve and play around with various progressive styles, while also aware of how to keep your attention with lengthy songs. The final words of “Your roots don’t hold me anymore” on “Cease To Be” hold true here, as Come Wind aren’t letting anything hold them back – they’re growing their own roots and going their own way. And that’s damn fine.


Recommended If You LikeElements of The Graduate and Ivoryline mixed with maybe the latest material from All Get Out (“Inclinations”)

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Hesitation
2. Rend Your Heart
3. Sleep
4. Pockets
5. Steady
6. Cease To Be

Come Wind are:
Nick Sayre – Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Troyer – Guitar, Vocals
Ben Roth – Drums
Tall Miller – Bass


Slangster 09/12/12 01:10 PM

Good review. I'm liking this EP a lot.

Tele72 09/12/12 04:07 PM

Just found out about these guys about a month ago. I see a promising future ahead of them!

Archael 09/12/12 07:33 PM

band's pretty good, nothing too memorable

guymandude 09/13/12 06:29 AM

this album is sweet

Nate Bennett 09/13/12 04:12 PM

Just saw the video for Rend Your Heart; first song I've heard from these guys... I was blown away. Must have this album now.

dunglunger 09/17/12 06:41 AM

it's hard to understand how good these guys are until you see them live.

mjdguitar 09/19/12 09:46 AM


reminds me a lot of EOTC's "Lucy Gray"...in the best way ever. flows.

cheers to these guys. this is really, really good!