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Adam Pfleider 09/13/12 08:02 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Caspian Song Premiere
Today we're going to make your Thursday epic by bringing you a new track from Caspian's upcoming album. Brighter than the band's earlier releases, Waking Season combines the sonically driven atmosphere of Mono's most heighten moments with the palette of Sigur Ros' best back catalog. Head to the replies to check out "Procellous," and let it hold you over until hearing the rest of one of instrumental-rock's best albums since Empros and All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the record here.

Adam Pfleider 09/13/12 08:02 AM

IWasHerHorse 09/13/12 08:36 AM

I'm real excited to hear this album straight through.

dontswimtoshore 09/13/12 08:46 AM

they had a listening party in boston a couple weeks ago...holy crap it ruled.

FireInTheSky 09/13/12 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by dontswimtoshore (Post 112946832)
they had a listening party in boston a couple weeks ago...holy crap it ruled.

I was there too. Unbelievably cool guys; unbelievably great record. I hope they blow up with this one.

XErikxthexRedX 09/13/12 08:53 AM

the more and more I hear from this album it feels like such a natural progression from tertia, despite how weary I was at first that this was more of a departure.

brook183 09/13/12 10:42 AM

This is so good. As captivating as any instrumental piece I've ever heard.

msulliv7 09/13/12 02:27 PM

That was quite beautiful

InExile 09/13/12 04:21 PM

Good. Not great. But good.

kazuma_ootaro28 09/13/12 10:59 PM

Wow! Can't wait for this album.

abigailras 09/14/12 04:22 PM

That was amazing.