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Jason Tate 09/13/12 02:15 PM

All Time Low Plan New Song Release + Tour Their Tour Bus
Jack and Rian of All Time Low gave a tour of their tour-bus, here. The band will also be unveiling a new song, "Somewhere in Neverland" on September 18th. The artwork is in the replies.

Submitted by howischad

Jason Tate 09/13/12 02:16 PM

Archael 09/13/12 02:17 PM

oh God, how is it that this band gets younger as everyone else gets older, damn it

KarlAnthonyyy 09/13/12 02:17 PM

They're really trying to ride the whole 'we're going back to our roots' approach with the artwork they've been releasing. The music still doesn't feel genuine.

cjudge90 09/13/12 02:18 PM

song preview sounded great, pretty pumped for this. single artwork is fantastic as well

sweetforever 09/13/12 02:26 PM

Just want to hear the song with Jason Vena damnit

Jaytothesyg 09/13/12 02:28 PM

Should be good! Love the other two songs

Kris_Gontz9 09/13/12 02:29 PM

Good Artwork, hope it's a great song.

tpierce2 09/13/12 02:36 PM

There was always a Peter Pan complex in Alex's earliest lyrics (Stay Awake being the most apparent, obviously), so I'm excited to hear this. The preview was great.

madera217 09/13/12 02:51 PM

color scheme screams so wrong its right

edit: just looked at the swir cover. i feel like captain obvious now.

Alex26 09/13/12 02:55 PM

Where was this announced?? And if it's true, I can't wait. The preview sounded awesome and apparently this song has a very SWIR sound to it!

Clockwork00 09/13/12 02:57 PM

The preview sounded like one of the best songs they've released in a while. Can't wait to hear this.

maichel0109 09/13/12 02:59 PM

Jason, the clips that appear on the promos of the album are part of a song?

JamesMichael 09/13/12 03:22 PM

Artwork screams So Wrong Its Right ATL everyone be happy!

tomtom94 09/13/12 03:24 PM

I like what I've heard so far of the album. I'm aware that it's somewhat cool to hate on All Time Low on here and Dirty Work was mediocre at best but there was still some good stuff in there, which gives me confidence for Don't Panic!