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Sean Rizzo 09/16/12 06:57 PM

User Reviews (09/16/12)
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Sean Rizzo 09/16/12 06:57 PM

Instead of putting a lyric here like we usually do, I'm going to make an excuse as to why I can't come up with one and take the liberty to inform you all who just love me ever so much that I'm back from recovering from the surgery I had a few weeks ago, and I'll be posting many reviews that I hadn't had a chance to complete in the near future. I've actually missed doing chores like this post, haha. It's good to be back.
User ReviewsKB - Weight & Glory (hiddentrack)
Let It Happen - It Hurts, But It's Worth It (Aziraphale)
A Past Unknown - To Those Perishing (Niko John)
You Had Me At Hello - Take It Off (hiddentrack)
Maya Solovey - Forte (hiddentrack)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss (hiddentrack)
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (justbradley)
Mackenzie - Binger Days (Dumpweed)
Karmin - Hello (hiddentrack)
Carridale - The Wandering EP (cut!print)
The Bouncing Souls - Comet (justbradley)
The Sun and the Sea - Nightfalls (cut!print)
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Explode)
Flo Rida - Wild Ones (hiddentrack)
Taio Cruz - TY.O (hiddentrack)
State Champs - Overslept(justbradley)
We Are Serenades - Criminal Heaven (duritzfan13)
Far East Movement - Dirty Bass (hiddentrack)
Listener - Wooden Heart (tortags)

Steve Alcala 09/16/12 08:18 PM

No one cares. Go back home.


hiddentrack 09/16/12 08:46 PM

Welcome back!

Dre Okorley 09/17/12 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by buhbee94 (Post 113086752)
No one cares. Go back home.



Anthony Sorendino 09/17/12 10:51 AM