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RozeHarding 11/13/03 03:27 PM

JamisonParker - 11.13.03
Roze: I want to start by tackling some rumors I've heard about you guys. So you can answer with a simple true or false or elaborate.

Parker: Such a good start!

Roze: I heard a rumor that you guys were high school drop outs. Is that true?

Jamison: I'm not a drop out, I got kicked out.

Parker: I graduated.

Jamison: I got kicked out, so I finished in other ways. But I did get my diploma, so I'm technically not a high school drop out.

Parker: Who said that? Like how is that a rumor.

Roze: You should hear some of the rumors I've heard.

Parker: Bring 'em.. these are great.

Roze: I heard a rumor that Jamison was in a New Found Glory cover band.

Jamison: No. That was started by this girl that hates me that lives where I'm from. She's mad because she's 19 years old and has been married and divorced twice and I called her on it and told her she was white trash. And so now she gets on our message board and starts rumors about me.

Roze: I heard a rumor that you wanted to try out for the band, The Format.

Jamison: That's close to true. When the Format was first starting they needed somebody to go on tour with them. And I used to live with a guy Nate, who is Finch's merch guy who is also friends with Sam and Nate who started the Format. So I talked to Sam on the phone one night and he talked about maybe doing something but I only talked to him like once and that was the end of it.

Parker: (sarcastically) We're a Format cover band

Roze: Next rumor I heard is that Parker gets extremely jealous that his name isn't first in "JamisonParker:

Jamison: He actually woke up and was trying to stab me.

Parker: (laughing) These are the best things I've ever heard. Absolutely true. It's actually Ted who's mad, so we're going to change it and it's going to be TedParkerJamison.

Roze: Rumor... you guys have a Michael Jackson poster on your trailer.

Jamison: You should know that!

Roze: I know but other people want to know.

Jamison: We actually do. And actually the other one you gave us is on the ceiling (of the van) so every morning when we wake up we look at Michael.

Roze: Someone wanted me to ask you about "gutter hair"

Jamison and Parker: (laughing hysterically)

Parker: Wait, who was that... tell me!

Roze: I forgot who it was.

Parker: I bet it's Kevin. My little brother's friend has a crazy afro... that dirty skater kid.

Jamison: Gutter hair is the hair like on the inside of your leg... it's like where your thighs meet close to where your hips are.. to frame your "area." And if it's the kid I'm thinking about, he's the one who told ME about gutter hair. So that's why he wanted you to ask me.

Roze: Speaking of hair... Josh Ortega wants me to ask you about the time he convinced you to trim your arm pit hair.

Jamison and Parker: (laughing unconftrollably again)

Parker: These questions!!!!

Jamison: He convinced me one day that you need to keep everything like... trimmed really close and that it feels really good. He said don't shave it all off, just trim it really close. He convinced me that that's what he does so I thought I would try it. And I had this HUGE red blotch all over me and it was rubbing against my arms so I had to put pillows under my arms for like two days. I couldn't wear a shirt cause it rubs everything.

Roze: A more serious rumor is that you are dating Michelle Nolan.

Jamison: No.

Parker: (sarcastically) I am!

Jamison: I'm actually dating John Nolan. Haha.

Roze: Why didn't Paper Rock Scissors make it on the EP and do you plan to release it in the future?

Jamison: I felt like we just weren't far enough along with the song. I feel like it's a good song, but it's just one of those things where there could be a little bit more done with it, you know?

Parker: We wanted to put our newest of the newest stuff on the EP... and give people a break if they already had the demo version.

Roze: Do you guys have plans to make a music video?

Parker: For the EP?

Roze: Just in general I guess.

Jamison: Probably one of these days, I don't know how soon though.

Roze: If you were to win a VMA or a Grammy right now, who would you thank?

Parker: I would probably have to say "you know who you are." It would go in no particular order, our family, our friends who have supported us, everybody at the label, Randy our manager and Dave our lawyer.

Jamison: I would thank God

Parker: Richard and Stephanie Reines I would thank, and I would thank umm... that's it.

Jamison: And I would thank you for the Michael Jackson poster.

Parker: Yeah! And that!

Roze: At what point did you decide to do JamisonParker full time?

Jamison: I guess kind of right when we met we decided that's something we wanted to persue but there's never been any goals to like make millions of dollars and play huge arenas we just wanted to be able to do this and make a living off of it. So when we first met we decided it was something we really want to follow through with and make work. So I guess the whole success of it just depends on how you look at success in general.

Roze: I heard another rumor that you guys met and then you exchanged music through the mail and that's how you started writing songs?

Jamison: I don't know how that one got started. We definitely tossed around ideas over the phone. But really I had just been a fan of the band he was in before, Astoria. And I got demos to him. So we kind of knew what we were looking at along the lines of what the project was going to be like.

Roze: What are your long term goals?

Jamison: I want to own a house one day, that's my biggest goal. As far as music, personally, I just want to record the best albums and best songs that we can and be satisfied with the workd that we're doing. But outside of music I want to own a house and I want a really huge dog.

Parker: I want to keep playing.

Roze: Whose idea was it for the polaroid pictures on your EP?

Jamison: I don't really know who came up with the idea, but we just started tossing around ideas and they all had to do with the whole polaroid aspect whether it was actual artwork or one idea was just having a stamp made that looked like the negatives of the polaroids but it turned into like "why don't we just use real polaroids?" The two of us and Wendy, our A&R person, were just all talking about it and decided it.

Roze: That's cool. Do you guys have a favorite one that you've taken?

Parker: Umm.. number 1 probably. We were at a photo booth taking pictures, the ones that are on our poster actually. And this girl was really drunk and making out with her boyfriend in the booth and then this like leg came shooting out of the side and we took a picture of it.

Jamison: Yeah all you could see was legs straddling another pair of legs and Parker went straight up with the polaroid.

Jamison: I also have a favorite one of two people holding hands. I saved it and didn't sell it.

Roze: What happened to the first one?

Jamison: Wendy's got it.

Parker: The first ten are all accounted for. The one of him holding hands, the reason he kept it is because it's Hillary Duff.

Jamison: Don't say that!!! THAT RUMOR'S NOT TRUE!

Parker: Put that on there! Put that on there!

Jamison: I met her and she's really nice.

Roze: How did you meet her?

Jamison: One of my friends is friends with her and she was doing her music video and I got to say Hi.

Roze: Someone told me to ask you (Parker) about "Six Degrees To My Favorite Bands." He said you can do six degrees to any band.

Parker: Oh! I think what it is is... people ask what we sound like and if you give me three bands I can relate us to those bands in 6 degrees or less. Put that on there so people can ask me.

Roze: Oh! Let's try it!

Parker: Ok!

Roze: First band I'm going to say is Coheed and Cambria...

Parker: Awwww!!!! God you give hard ones! Ok... keep going, I need three.

Roze: Ok... and umm... who else should I pick... um... Mae. Coheed and Cambria and Mae. And umm... Piebald.

Parker: (yelling) YOU PICK THE HARDEST BANDS EVER! Okay... umm... we're like... we have the diversity of Coheed and Cambria... we have the poppiness of Mae... and we have like... umm... the "rockness" of Piebald I guess. That's the best I can do. That was a tough one. I tried. Usually it's really easy.

Parker: These are good questions.. this is the best interview we've gotten.

Roze: Good, cause I was nervous.

Roze: How did you guys come up with your style when you put your songs together for the first time?

Jamison: We pretty much just had the same taste in music and the same idea of what we wanted to get across.

Roze: You guys are on Interscope... same label as Enrique Iglesias... what happened with We The People records?

Jamison: You mean our connection or his connection with his old band?

Roze: I don't know the whole situation.

Parker: We The People is not a full functioning record label....

Roze: Right...

Parker: And we were looking for a record label to put out our music and WTP doesn't really... it's not like a day to day thing.

Jamison: And also they were going through changes and stuff so it would have been all mixed up. But still, Charlie from WTP is awesome

Parker: AND he has a book company called Adastrata Books (sp?) and I think that's the website. And there's a book coming out next Valentine's Day and Jamison has an entry in it. It's like entries from people from bands.

Jamison: I was supposed to write lyrics but I don't like to put down and stuff like that. I'm not a fan of having the lyrics in CDs. So instead I put a journal entry .

Parker: That was a plug, by the way.

Jamison: Half of the proceeds go to a literacy program. Rich who used to be in RxBandits is helping out with that too. But as far as WTP, Charlie has helped us out a lot he's always been a good friend. It just didn't make sense.

Roze: What is the best album of 2003?

Parker: There's some good stuff this year. What's your favorite this year?

Roze: I think The Jealous Sound's "Kill Them With Kindness"

Parker: Oh ok!

Jamison: For some reason I thought 2003 just started, but it's almost over. Haha. I have no concept of time by the way.

Roze: The new Radiohead was really good.

Parker: Yeah, new Radiohead.. and I liked the new Distillers record that just came out. I wasn't that big of a fan before I heard. I think it's well done. OH!!! THE DAMONE RECORD!!!

Roze: YESSSSSSSS!!!! I love Damone. I love that song "Up To You."

Jamison: Best album of 2003. I love Damone.

Parker: Yeah! Number 3. Plug. Plug. Plug.

Jamison: Plug.

Parker: We want to tour with them, so if they read this... call us.

Roze: Oh my god a JamisonParker/Damone tour would be the best.

Parker: I know. That's like THE band we've talked about touring with.

Jamison: We're gonna work on that.

Jamison: What's another good album? Damone probably is my favorite of 2003 though.. umm...

Parker: The Starting Line acoustic EP is really good. That will be a 2003.

Parker: Straylight demos.

Roze: What's your favorite by them?

Parker: My favorite is a new one they play live, it's a Michelle song. It goes "do nooo nooo noo noo noo" (singing).

Jamison: Can you write that in there? Haha.

Parker: That's how it goes.

Roze: What do you think of that Matt Pryor cover of "Hey Ya?"

Parker: Actually is that new New Amsterdams CD in 2003?

Roze: Yes it is.

Parker: That's one of my favorites too.

Jamison: The new Ryan Adam's is really good too. My new favorite song, I wish I had heard it in time to give it to you for my recommendations, is this song by Ryan Adams on his Heartbreaker album called "Come Pick Me Up" it's my favorite song ever now.

Roze: So you guy played your first show in April together at the AbsolutePunk.net booth at Skate and Surf festival... since then, what have been some of your favorite memories of the past 6 or 7 months?

Parker: Oooh, these are good. Let's see... it was kind of surreal to play on IMX. It was kind of funny, cause I think I mentioned it... right before the announcers were talking "Remember the AbsolutePunk booth table?" Cause we were sitting there and then now we were sitting at the IMX table, it was really weird.

Jamison: I got to hang out with Davey Havoc for like five minutes. That was like one of my dreams. He offered to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We were at KROQ Weenie Roast and this girl who I became friends with knows everybody in that band and she introduced me and apparently the people that put together the catering for that event didn't make stuff for vegans so the AFI guys were all starving. They had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and they were nice enough to offer me one.

Parker: Jamison was really excited to go to Weenie Roast because Seth Green was walking around. Jamison is a HUGE Seth Green fan.

Roze: Party Monster... haha.

Jamison: (gave me a weird look)

Roze: You're not a Seth Green fan??? You lied???

Parker: (sarcastically) No! Put that in there!

Jamison: I did see Seth Green try to break dance one time though, that was really funny.

Parker: Well we met him once...

Jamison: He's really nice. He reps.

Parker: What have had some other good memories.... sitting in the mastering room having our CD mastered.

Jamison: Definitely recording the EP was awesome because Mike and Dave the guys who engineered our EP we made really good friends with.

Parker: Playing Skate & Surf, playing the hotel.

Jamison: We got like an official offer to play a stage at Skate and Surf for this coming year. Are you guys going to have another booth?

Parker: Yeah because we want to play it.

Jamison: Yeah we really want to do that.

Parker: So talk to your peeps.

Roze: That was my last question, do you guys have any last comments?

Parker: Go buy the Damone record, go buy anything to do with Recover, go buy the Format record, and that's it...

Jamison: Don't listen to any rumors about me, they aren't true. I stay at home all the time. I don't get out enough to do anything. Everything that people say is all lies except the stuff about "gutter hair"

Roze: And the stuff about trimming your pit hair.

Jamison: But don't ever listen to Josh Ortega because he's a mother fucker.

Parker: And try to come see us.

Jamison: Oh and we need to tell people to try to have fun. Because there's so many people you can tell want to have fun but they're scared cause they don't want other people to look at them weird... cause it always takes those one or two people to start it...

Parker: Yeah if you want to clap, if you want to sing, if you want to dance you're the coolest person in the club if you start that. That's a fact from us.

Parker: Thank you!!!

Here are some photos from their show in Portland, Oregon at the Meow Meow:

Jamison showing off his "Bling Bling"

Live shots

http://www.msnusers.com/_Secure/0RgD...QBSSWf9ogOS5eq!EkDJLXTlgm9LbP3BcBuvIuIXi4sjdgfsqS A48pQq3qKlLg9NjNxtdrpPaQ6EPwhWFNshL Ps6bI/jp%20006.jpg[/url]

http://www.msnusers.com/_Secure/0RgD...cocd7yHxUh207F!S0lapEjRx2egozuMIgswUmAHBgYeBJvXcO !XSu7gGxHs*CbvMrDxAU/jp%20007.jpg[/url]


Special thanks to Mike Cubillos of Earshot Media for setting up the interview, and Jamison Covington and Parker Case for being such sweethearts and doing this interview with me

Billy 11/13/03 04:21 PM

awesome interview roze. also the links for the pics don't work for some reason but the interview RULED

SonnyPunk 11/13/03 11:52 PM

She asked both my questions...awesome. I wish I could have bought the #1 polaroid...Instead I was left with #1575...its just a pic of some guys on a computer or something...oh well.

Jon Wark 11/15/03 11:50 PM

God, this band is terrible. Favorite CD's include The Starting Line, Damone, The New Amsterdams and Ryan Adams? Sounds killer dudes.

beenbrokenx 11/17/03 07:23 AM

the new amsterdams album is AMAZING... i can understand why it would be considered one of the best this year....

nice interview roze... some good questions lol.


aesopsphere 12/09/03 12:51 PM

I was dissapointed that "hey ya" was not on the album

pinky swear 01/05/04 07:36 PM

i want to see jamisonparker in concert.
they are hott.


cc0852 07/01/07 05:55 AM

parker is amazing

AustinAtoms 08/09/08 08:20 AM

He acted like saying he was in a new found glory tribute band was insult