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Adam Pfleider 09/19/12 09:57 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: All Human Track-by-Track
Adam Fisher is a music writing beast. Between his time in Fear Before to his scientific prog-rock project Orbs, it's hard to keep the songwriter down. His newest project, All Human, is a good mix of everything he's done thus far with his career. Today we've got a track-by-track breakdown of the project's first record, Catholic Guilt or the Queerest of Thoughts, available now on Revival Recordings. Head to the replies to read some of Fisher's thoughts, it's an interesting read for sure.

Adam Pfleider 09/19/12 09:58 AM

Track-by-TrackWe’re Alive And Well
This is about letting guilt eat at you to the point where you aren't able to move forward with your life. most of the guilt came from not being able to save my dog who had just passed after being with me for thirteen years. I wrote it at a time where i was also reflecting on poor decisions i made in my early twenties and wishing i had handled myself differently.

The end of the song is a reference to the movie "The Never Ending Story" and the swamp of sadness that swallowed Artax. I’ve always had a hard time watching that scene. it’s easy to let yourself sink deeper into a dark place if you cant let go of the bad thoughts.

Play Date With The Opossum
This song is about alcoholism and the family dynamic when it comes to living with an alcoholic. Studies have shown that every child in the family plays a specific role. It’s also about what gets passed on from generation to generation.

This song’s about leaving everything behind that was easy and familiar. It’s about the places I loved and knew as my own and waking up one day and not recognizing them. Everything I thought I loved and was comfortable in somehow grew to hate me and in turn I resented those people and places. It’s about the battle you face when leaving somewhere like that. Allowing yourself to be resented for wanting more.

No Love Here
This song is about not being able to let go of all the bad things you've done and decisions you've made in life. Basically allowing yourself to become a museum where every thing you've done just hangs and haunts you every day. It’s hard to move forward when you dwell on the past.

Appendage Envy
This song is about comparing yourself to others, something I’m very guilty of. Seeing others accomplishments and feeling completely inadequate. When I sink into that kind of low place of inadequacy it's hard to imagine ever wanting to see my family or anyone else I love again.

House of Straight and Narrow
This song is about how everyone has secrets. no matter how happy someone might seem there’s always more to the story. The minotaur element was inspired by a book called "The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break." I found myself relating to the main character on many levels. He was a minotaur living in modern society and had an incredibly difficult time fitting in and was very socially awkward. I highly suggest reading it.

Fat Accidents
This song is about a sexual fetish called 'feederism'. I’ve always found it profoundly interesting the things people get off on. The possibilities are endless.

Jack Off Capital of the World

Pretty cut and dry. She wanted to start a life together. I'd rather take my dog and move into a cabin far, far away and write music, books, anything but wedding vows.

Rabbit Hole
Looking for a companion in this world is hard. The world is so full of different weird humans and desires and a lot of the time it feels like you're just wandering around alone.

All Human
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wished I was able to be something that wasn't human. An animal, a mutant, anything but just plain human. This song is just venting about how that will never be the case.

Oh My My Boy
This song is about watching the people around you grow and change and do really cool things you wish you could be doing. "You've grown so very tall/you’re so big and strong" is me mocking myself for trying to grow and change and do cool new things.

Let Me Be Your Daughter
This song is about wishing you could wake up and be anything but yourself. In this case it’s wanting to wake up as someone’s daughter instead of someone’s son. Never got around to singing about it. That’s just what the music means for me.

popdisaster00 09/19/12 10:46 AM


mycuban 09/19/12 10:59 AM

Awesome, just like the record.

Me and Babar 09/19/12 01:59 PM

love this guy and his music. everyone needs to check this album out.

Sheluligans 09/19/12 03:24 PM

This album is really weird and its great.

absintheparty9 09/20/12 06:49 AM

track by track is great, look forward to listening.

pretty sure dan briggs is slappin the bass as well