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Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 07:37 AM

Green Day Frontman Goes on Diatribe, Smashes Guitar
Watch Green Day's full set from last night's iHeartRadio Music Festival in the replies. It ends with the band's set being cut short and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong going on an F-bomb-filled diatribe before smashing his guitar.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 07:37 AM

Setlist1. American Idiot
2. Holiday
3. It's Fuck Time
4. Longview
5. Oh Love
6. St. Jimmy
7. Basket Case

Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 07:38 AM

The fall out begins at about 7:40 in the third video.

Jeff_Ryan 09/22/12 07:40 AM

What an asshole

asthenia* 09/22/12 07:44 AM

DOF - diatribe of the year

Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 113324252)
What an asshole

In their defense, from what I gather, the festival was running late (reportedly because Usher went over his allotted time) and their set time was cut in half. I assume they knew going on that it was going to be abridged, but maybe not how much.

davidwalbrun 09/22/12 07:49 AM

Lol that was great, the amount of times he said fuck was ridiculous

willwho182 09/22/12 07:49 AM

Middle dewey

Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 07:51 AM

Remember when he drop kicked that dude? #punkthefuckout

trolland10 09/22/12 07:52 AM

lol at him not breaking the guitar at first

bestofmoss 09/22/12 07:53 AM

Punk. Rock.

Guitarfreak182 09/22/12 07:54 AM

That. Was. Awesome. Hahahaha so great.

WordzandDreamz 09/22/12 07:54 AM


TheDemosRock 09/22/12 07:55 AM

Oh boo hoo.
No respect for this.

NortyCore 09/22/12 07:55 AM

what a diva