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Keagan Ilvonen 09/24/12 08:11 AM

Stream New Halfnoise Song
You can stream a new Halfnoise (Zac Farro, Ex-Paramore) track entitled "Remember When" on NME.

EndlessPrisoner 09/24/12 08:26 AM

This is really fucking awesome. Good for Zac to have the ability to express himself in a far different way than he was able to in Paramore.

bradsonemanband 09/24/12 08:44 AM

this is really good

Readyfuels 09/24/12 08:46 AM

Man, he slimmed down.

guitarguy211 09/24/12 09:13 AM

While it's not really my thing, congrats to Zac for doing what he wants to do--it comes through in the song.

Playsw/Squirels 09/24/12 09:13 AM

Damn. definitely not what I was expecting, but Im impressed. Will check this out next week.

morgantayler 09/24/12 10:55 AM

I really like what he is doing, I went ahead an preordered the EP from his website. Looking forward to hear the rest of it. Hopefully, he and Josh will release some stuff from Novel American, I'm really interested in seeing what they do with that as well.

Archael 09/24/12 11:33 AM

not bad, kinda boring, but def good

Arry 09/24/12 11:42 AM

dig it a lot. excited to see what's next.

PetitnaindesĪles 09/24/12 12:47 PM

this is pretty good, the kind of music i love to listen to when it's fall/winter

fb page redirects to somebody's profile :p

I am Mick 09/24/12 01:49 PM

I've really liked the songs he's released, but it sucks just listening to one at a time. Feels like it needs to be absorbed as an EP together or something

tonnerrrrr 09/25/12 02:41 AM

Ohh gosh. I love this so much. Zac is such an amazing musician and I can't wait to hear the rest of his stuff and to hear what he and Josh do with Novel American. So proud of him..