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Dre Okorley 09/25/12 09:15 AM

1981 Clothing Present Bringin' It Back Fest 2
Bringin' It Back For Kids Fest is back, featuring reunion performances from Destro, Into The Moat, Morning Again and Where Fear and Weapons Meet, and appearances from The Chariot, For Today, Trapped Under Ice and more on October 12th and 13th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Purchase tickets here, and watch a couple of promo videos.

Dre Okorley 09/25/12 09:16 AM

Into the Moat (reunion)
Knock Em Dead
Know the Score
Low Point
Morning Again (reunion)
Nebraska Bricks
Remembering Never
Set Free
Sleep Patterns
Strengthen What Remains
Throne of Rats
Where Fear and Weapons Meet (reunion)
One To Blame
Nervous Breakdown karaoke

Born Low
The Chariot
Fero Lux
Fire and Ice
Float Face Down
For Today
Impending Doom
Lions Lions
Old Habits
Out Crowd
Reveal Renew
Texas in July
Thick as Blood
Trapped Under Ice

Dre Okorley 09/25/12 09:17 AM

This is a ridiculous line-up. I may consider traveling to Florida for this...so jealous!

suicidesaints 09/25/12 09:25 AM

This line-up is pretty insane. I won't travel to Florida for it, but if anyone goes, they should report back for sure...

And check out Destro cuz they're from Dallas and I remember seeing them years ago when the were first coming up.

Uncalled Four 09/25/12 09:27 AM

Into the Moat is amazing live. had no idea they had broken up though

MikeyJam 09/25/12 09:35 AM

wanna go to this but money ughhjdkfhlsdkjf