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Keagan Ilvonen 09/25/12 01:07 PM

Snag Green Day's "ĦUno!" For $5
You can get Green Day's new album, ĦUno! for $5 on Amazon MP3.

Submitted by botDs-r

screamoURI 09/25/12 01:17 PM

all Green Day albums are $5

Zummy 09/25/12 01:19 PM

Just started listening to this. I actually like the first 2 tracks we'll see how the rest of the album goes.

MJB12 09/25/12 01:23 PM

Still more than I wish I had paid for this album...It's just so dull.

thesinkingship 09/25/12 01:24 PM

lol, it's just like their 90s shit

zporter92 09/25/12 01:25 PM

Still waiting for my copy. Every time the FedEx truck drives by and doesn't stop at my house, I die a little inside

IV. 09/25/12 01:28 PM

5$!!!!! im not justin fuckin bieber i dont have that type of money!!!! one minute? give me a break!!

Chris Collum 09/25/12 01:43 PM

Cue jokes about how they need to charge a bit more to keep up with Billie Joe's blow habit..

rawesome 09/25/12 01:49 PM

They still managed to charge $5 too much for the album. /zing

(But seriously all these songs I've heard are shitty.)

daftpunker45 09/25/12 01:56 PM

With a $5 MP3 credit I might be going MP3 on this one.

theHECKLER 09/25/12 02:06 PM

I'd rather spend my $5 on a Wendy's combo meal

galkain 09/25/12 02:11 PM

Only two jokes about Billie and his meltdown/drug habit? Disappointing.

ChaseTx 09/25/12 02:13 PM

I've been looking for a stream or something. Is it on Spotify or something yet? Can't access it from work...

providence36 09/25/12 02:25 PM

I didnt even know these guys had a new album

kidinthebushes 09/25/12 02:28 PM

Great deal. I will have to give it a listen later today.