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Deborah Remus 09/26/12 12:26 PM

Sundials Offer New Record for Free
Sundials is offering a download of When I Couldn't Breathe over here. The record was officially released yesterday through Asian Man.

EndlessPrisoner 09/26/12 12:40 PM

this album is really really good. AP should latch onto this immediately.

brandon_260 09/26/12 12:53 PM

It's so good.

EndlessPrisoner 09/26/12 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by brandon_260 (Post 113500102)
It's so good.


JonathanDTEA 09/26/12 03:32 PM

record rules

saddr weirdr 09/26/12 04:11 PM

love it

smoke4thecaper 09/26/12 05:38 PM

This better entice people to get into it. Awesome record.