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Jonathan Bautts 09/27/12 01:03 AM

Gary Clark Jr. Plays New Song
Head to the replies to watch Gary Clark Jr. debut a heavy blues jam called "Numb." His major label debut Blak and Blu is out Oct. 22.

Jonathan Bautts 09/27/12 01:04 AM

InfiniteArms 09/27/12 05:58 AM

I love this kind of music. Oct 22nd cannot come sooner/

jimmyeatsboys 09/27/12 06:32 AM

all of his material is awesome, his live show is amazing... his new album... might suck :( search youtube for another new track called "aint messin round" and you'll hear that i'm afraid the producers went overboard with the horns and slickness of production. still, i am so glad to see him getting attention on a big scale and everyone on this site should check him out to see a REALLY passionate live show.

zachff 09/27/12 07:07 AM

Did not know this was coming out so soon. His show in Chicago was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

zachff 09/27/12 07:08 AM

Also, no vinyl release? Hmm...

CollectiveConfusion 09/27/12 07:29 AM

Love Gary Clark Jr. Seen him four times, always one of the best shows around.

Ferrari333SP 09/27/12 08:45 AM

Man this track is heavy; can't wait for this new album.

BurymeWalkAway 09/27/12 08:52 AM

That riff is so bad ass.

Matt Chylak 09/27/12 10:01 AM

Song was ho hum to me, but I'll definitely buy the record. Guy puts on a great live show

RabidNewz 09/27/12 11:29 AM

His music is nectar.

brodude87 09/27/12 12:30 PM

Archael 09/27/12 02:50 PM

this man rules

TwelveTribes230 09/27/12 03:14 PM

Loved his previous E.P.s...cannot wait for his new album.