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Jake Denning 09/27/12 06:18 PM

Will Swan And Matt Geise To Work With Zachary Garren And More In New Project
Zachary Garren, (ex-Dance Gavin Dance, Strawberry Girls), has just joined forces with Will Swan & Tim Feerick of Dance Gavin Dance, Matt Geise (ex-Lower Definition), and Loniel Robinson (ex-Of Machines) for a brand new project. They are currently finishing up some demos for an album set to be released sometime next year. Earlier this year you may have heard about Will, Tim, Matt, and Loniel collaborating, and now they've added Zac into the mix as a second guitarist.

PunkInfluence09 09/27/12 06:20 PM

This has all the parts to be something really special.

leftapart 09/27/12 06:23 PM

Sounds like a potential mix for greatness; definitely stoked!!

Ohaidere 09/27/12 06:27 PM

This has the potential to be really fantastic. Hope they can mix well.

dancelukedance 09/27/12 06:28 PM

Oh my god.


jaredohgren 09/27/12 06:28 PM

holy lord.

dohare 09/27/12 06:30 PM

fuck, yes

xananomaly 09/27/12 06:31 PM

let's get it.

Steve Alcala 09/27/12 06:37 PM

My body is ready

TAI182 09/27/12 06:37 PM

Awesome news. Time for Zac and Tim to rejoin DGD.

Ashur 09/27/12 06:45 PM

Funking YES. Hell yeah, this is gonna be great.

RabidNewz 09/27/12 06:45 PM

Needs more Jonny Craig.

(That was a joke)

Dustin Harkins 09/27/12 06:47 PM

Zac rules

llluminate 09/27/12 06:47 PM

This sounds epic.

RECTUM 09/27/12 06:53 PM

O-faces all around.