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Deborah Remus 09/29/12 07:11 AM

Review Round-Up (09/29/12)
In case you missed them during the week or did not have time to read them before, head to the replies for a second chance to check out all of the reviews that were posted.

Deborah Remus 09/29/12 07:11 AM

9/22 - 9/28

The Little Indians - An Album From The Little Indians (Kelly Doherty)
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (Gregory Robson)
Young Guns - Bones (Gregory Robson)
Silent Rider - Silent Rider (Gregory Robson)
Mumford & Sons - Babel (Craig Manning)
Larry and His Flask - Hobo's Lament (Jason Gardner)
The Origin Animate - Wonder & Wither EP (Jason Gardner)
Goodnight, Texas - A Long Life of Living (Gregory Robson)
Apollo Run - Here Be Dragons, Vol. III (Gregory Robson)
Summer Heart - About A Feeling (Blake Solomon)
Bone Dance - Bone Dance (Jason Gardner)
Touche Amore/The Casket Lottery - Split (Jason Gardner)

User reviews for the week:
Chasing Vegas- What Happens Here Stays Here (cut!print)
Glory Days - Broke In New York (hiddentrack)
High Society- Human Condition (hiddentrack)
Triggerman - Learning To Lie (dmcaloon)
Nelly Furtado - The Spirit Indestructible(hiddentrack)
At The Skylines - To Build An Empire EP (justbradley)
Among Giants - Truth Hurts (justbradley)
Real Friends - Acoustic Songs EP (justbradley)
Little Legends - Little Legends EP (justbradley)
Sharks Never Sleep - Jawsome (justbradley)
Babelfishh - Howl Bender (HHJulia)
Skouts Honor - Transitions EP (justbradley)
Everything And Between - Contradictions EP (justbradley)
Kids With Torches - Carried Over Trees (justbradley)
Villebrad - Ampersand (hiddentrack)
Anna Calvi - Anna Calvi (SoftMints)
Sea Wolf - Old World Romance (justbradley)
Eric Shackne - Hammers And Strings EP (mbao)
Toh Kay - Streetlight Lullabies (ChaseTx)
The xx - Coexist (justbradley)
Set It Off - Cinematics (justbradley)
The Heroes - The Compassion (justbradley)
Go Radio - Close The Distance (Tails_155)

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