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Keagan Ilvonen 09/30/12 08:59 PM

The Republic of Wolves Start New Project
The Republic of Wolves have started a new side project - The Hamptons. You can stream their first single "Cali4nia Sk8r (It's All Good)" in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 09/30/12 09:00 PM


AtTheEquinox 09/30/12 09:05 PM

What the..

loudasallgetout 09/30/12 09:07 PM

Why can't I be like the dudes she dates,
With cool tattoos and the perfect pretty face.

If you ask me I couldn't be more thrilled with their new direction.

holdfasthope012 09/30/12 09:44 PM

how many side projects is this now?

Mattylikesfilms 09/30/12 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by holdfasthope012 (Post 113658302)
how many side projects is this now?

Seriously, I am starting to think they don't even like playing in TROW anymore.

honkytonk 09/30/12 10:08 PM

Well then..

MXP 09/30/12 10:32 PM

Hmm, maybe all the side projects are how they balance all of their individual interests within the group dynamic of TROW...nah, they just like making music haha

tstick18 09/30/12 11:01 PM

lol at people taking this seriously.

luqmanhakim 10/01/12 02:45 AM

With that band name, all I can think of is White Chicks.

apaofficial 10/01/12 06:17 AM

This song really speaks to me.

h8bit 10/01/12 06:19 AM


Originally Posted by tstick18 (Post 113660282)
lol at people taking this seriously.

There are a staggering amount. People need to lighten up :p

InaGreendase 10/01/12 06:21 AM


Spencer Control 10/01/12 06:31 AM

I love this band and their infinite number of side projects, serious or not that they may be.

spaghettti 10/01/12 07:38 AM

this is magical.