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Alex DiVincenzo 10/01/12 06:33 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Monsters Scare You
Recent Century Media Records signees Monsters Scare You! re-recorded fan favorite "Shut Up Our Song Is On" for their upcoming album, which will be released early next year. Check out the new version of the song in the replies, which has been synced up with their music video.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/01/12 06:33 AM

Ollie McKraut 10/01/12 07:39 AM

Bad name, yikes

blackmold 10/01/12 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by Ollie McKraut (Post 113665502)
Bad name, yikes

Probably bad music too. They call themselves screamo/electro on FB.

nickthehick2 10/01/12 09:28 AM

Just seems like another generic Post-Hardcore band upon first listen

blackmold 10/01/12 09:32 AM

Just watched... they're def not doing anything new in terms of music or visuals. They really shouldn't have gotten signed.

WarmThoughts 10/01/12 09:54 AM

The screams are terrible especially those higher ones, jesus christ.

remoteCONTROL 10/01/12 10:09 AM

Hahaha! Julie and Brian! Tight.

cubine 10/01/12 10:35 AM

Used to play shows with these guys back in like 2009. Glad to see a hometown band make it.

inthiscrowdedrm 10/01/12 10:35 AM

So much hate for these guys. Glad to see they are doing what they love and are passionate about. Rep WA to the fullest, proud of you guys!

GrouchOmArx 10/01/12 10:46 AM

Shitty name. Shitty music. Go away

wtfjaked 10/01/12 10:54 AM

Damn. I expected them to die out by now.

PetitnaindesĪles 10/01/12 11:18 AM

sounds like a day to remember... and i don't like adtr

circletheworld 10/01/12 11:30 AM

ohh no.. no thanks

BluEyedBlonde 10/01/12 01:00 PM

Why All the Hate?
Way to go guys! Dont let all these lame people piss your bonfire. Keep rocking out and you'll always have love from your fans! Congrats!!!