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Joe DeAndrea 10/01/12 08:32 AM

William Beckett Announces New Single, EP
William Beckett will release his new EP, What Will Be, on October 30th. The first single, "Stuck In Love," (featuring Ryan Ross) can be heard here.

spaghettti 10/01/12 08:37 AM

I kind of like this, though wouldn't listen to it regularly. I haven't listened to The Academy Is since the beginning of high school and this brings me back

EndlessPrisoner 10/01/12 08:40 AM

does it sound like a bad Beatles b-side like everything ross has been around the last bunch of years?

Kowther 10/01/12 08:44 AM

New single is rad. Stoked for the EP.

i'm a big deal. 10/01/12 08:48 AM

Way better than anything on Winds Will Change... I just really hated that EP.

Andrew.Salzillo 10/01/12 09:05 AM

How come this thread wasnt titled Ryan Ross is alive?

guitarguy211 10/01/12 09:12 AM

Possibly one of my favorite songs he's released as a solo artist.

kidinthebushes 10/01/12 09:44 AM

Good for him for his success as a solo artist.

AeyElAeyEn 10/01/12 10:43 AM

The song is so amazing. First solo ep was great and I'm ready for more.

bobsheiskawy 10/01/12 11:01 AM

this sounds like something modern panic! at the disco might put out. i like it. wish he had brendan sing with him.

brokencyde 10/01/12 11:50 AM

I enjoy pretty much anything with Ryan Ross. This is not one of those things.

renedex 10/02/12 03:06 AM

I just can't help but compare his solo stuff to TAI and it's just worlds apart. Worlds worse.